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Creating Leaders
The Student Council at MBS is formed with a conscious effort to empower the MBSians with a sense of responsibility and leadership qualities. The Student Council functions in an effective manner to organize and coordinate any cultural activity in the school premises.

Not only in the senior school, in the junior school too, an active Student Council has been formed to facilitate effective communication between the students and school authorities. A number of clubs/societies related to variety of areas form an integral part of co-curricular activity in school. Each club / society has a selected group of students appointed from class VI-XII.

The senior most appointments are the Head Boy, Head Girl and the Sports captain under whose guidance the various groups perform their respective duties. Sport occupies a significant position and the sports appointments are important in promoting the spirit of sportsmanship. This Prefectorial Body gets selected through an impartial, democratic process. In the final round, the short listed candidates are interviewed by Principal. Once selected, the appointments are guided and supervised by faculty members appointed to their specific Club/Society. The ultimate aim is to give interested students the experience of working and managing a small group with specific objective, thus shaping and honing leadership qualities which will hold them in good stead in future.

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