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Assessment Criteria

Session: 2023-24

Classes: XI & XII


There will be one Periodic Test of 30 Marks in the first term and one Periodic Test of 30 marks in the second term. Half Yearly Examination and Annual Examination will be of 100 marks. Theory and Practical will be conducted separately where in required. Marks allocation will be as per CBSE bye laws.

  • Promotion Policy :
  1. Promotion will be based on the performance in all periodic Tests/Half Yearly Examination and Annual Examination. 
  2. For getting promotion to next class, one has to secure minimum 33% in Theory and Practical separately in the aggregate. If a student fails in theory, compartment will be given in theory only. Same policy is applicable for practical also.
  3. In case, a student fails in One/Two subjects will be entitled for compartment exam in the subject/ subjects he/she has failed. Promotion to next class will be strictly as per CBSE rules.
  4. If the student is unable to clear the Re-Test, no second Re-Test will be conducted and the student will be detained.
  5. No Re-Test will be conducted for the student failing in three or more subjects. The student will be declared fail. 

Attendance is compulsory for all the tests held during the academic session. In case a student is absent in any of the Periodic test/Half Yearly Examination on medical ground / unavoidable circumstance, then proper medical certificate from concerned authority or prior written intimation should be submitted to the class teacher. In such a case, average marks for the concerned subject will be considered. No retest will be conducted. No rank in the final report will be awarded to the student absent in either Half Yearly Examination / Annual Examination. If a student is absent in any of the subjects in Annual Examination on medical ground then he/she has to appear for the same subject in the Re-Examination/ Compartment Examination. 

Please note : 75% attendance is must for promotion to next class.


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