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Proposed MBSian Trail(2019-20)
Date Day Class Activities
April 5, 2019 Friday IX & X Workshop on "Goal Setting"
April 8, 2019 Monday Curie v/s Tagore,
Teresa v/s Vivekanand

Vivekanand v/s Teresa
Curie v/s Tagore
Basket Ball & Table Tennis- Boys (Grade IV & V)
Table Tennis- Girls (Grade IV & V)  and Final Match

Kho Kho Boys (Grade IV&V)  and Final Match
April 9, 2019 Tuesday I & II
Manners Paint the Portrait of Man
Conquer Your Fear: Role Play
April 10, 2019 Wednesday V & VI
Make to Do List
Write a Letter to Your Future Self
April 11, 2019 Thursday IX  Remind Yourself to be Grateful
April 12, 2019 Friday XI Case Study: Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)
April 15, 2019 Monday Vivekanand v/s Tagore
Curie v/s Teresa
Table Tennis-Boys(Grade IX-XII)
Table Tennis-Girls(Grade IX-XII)
Kho Kho Girls (Grade IX-XII)
And Final Match
April 16, 2019 Tuesday III - V Workshop on "Importance of Hygiene"
April 22, 2019 Monday Vivekanand v/s Teresa
Tagore v/s Curie

Basket Ball- Boys(IX-XII)
Kho Kho Boys(VI - VIII)
And Final Match
April 23, 2019 Tuesday PRE SCHOOL-
Workshop on "Good touch Bad Touch"
April 24, 2019 Wednesday House Meeting (Introductory)
April 25, 2019 Thursday I

Wonder of Veggies: Fancy Dress Competition
First Aid Box Designing
Play: Know our Scientest-A Biosketch
Science Symposium: Environmental pollution and depolluation techniques
April 26, 2019 Friday IV & V
Visit to Science Centre
Movie Making: Enigma of Science
April 27, 2019 Saturday SCHOLAR BADGE CEREMONY (III-IX & XI)
April 29, 2019 Monday Teresa v/s Curie
Vivekanand v/s Tagore
Tug of War(Boys & Girls)(IX-XII) with Final Match
April 30, 2019 Tuesday VI & VII Workshop on "Mental and Emotional Wellbeing"
May 2, 2019 Thursday Teresa v/s Curie
Vivekanand v/s Tagore
Cricket Match(Grade IV & V)
May 3, 2019 Friday VII & VIII Workshop on "Time Management"
May 6, 2019 Monday Teresa v/s Vivekanand
Curie v/s Tagore

Kho Kho -Girls (VI & VII) with Final Match
Fun Races (II & III) 
May 7, 2019 Tuesday IX-XII Inter School English Debate Competition
May 9, 2019 Thursday VI-VIII Visit to Old Age Home
May 10, 2019 Friday Curie v/s Teresa
Tagore v/s Vivekanand

Basket Ball Girls(VI-VIII) with Finals
May 11, 2019 Saturday Science Exibition - Explore the Unexplored
May 12, 2019 Sunday
May 13, 2019 Monday IV
Slogan Writing Competition: Save Mother Earth
Designing Eco Friendly Bag
Slogan Writing Competition: Energy Conservation
May 14, 2019 Tuesday I-III
Tree Plantation: Herbal Garden
Cleanliness Drive
May 15, 2019 Wednesday Tagore House on Duty
Inter House Elocution(Jr. & Sr.)
Sustainable Development: We are the Green Ambassadors of Change
May 17, 2019 Friday XI Workshop on "Impact of Processed Food on Health"
July 4, 2019 Thursday XI and XII Workshop on "Stress Management"
July 5, 2019 Friday Curie v/s Teresa
Tagore v/s Vivekanand
Kho Kho -Girls (IV & V) with Final Match
July 6, 2019 Saturday
July 7, 2019 Sunday
July 8, 2019 Monday Curie v/s Tagore
Teresa v/s Vivekanand
Basket Ball Boys(VI & VII) with Final Match
Kho Kho Boys (IX-XII) with Final Match
July 9, 2019 Tuesday IV
Techies Club: Inter School Online Competition
Greeting Card Designing
Power Point Presentation
Movie Making
July 10, 2019 Wednesday
Techies Club: Inter School Online Competition
Photo Editing Contest
Logo Designing
July 11, 2019 Thursday I - III Sports Activity: 
Fun Races 
July 12, 2019 Friday VI-VIII
IV & V
Sports Activity: 
Skating Performance
Themed Races
July 15, 2019 Monday


Creative Writing Competition: My Contribution to make India Corruption Free
Group Discussion: Is Indian Defense Mechanism Equipped to Confront Global Challenges
July 16, 2019 Tuesday VI
Book Mark Making(Famous Quotes)
Book Cover Designing
July 17, 2019 Wednesday IV
Folk Tale Character Dramatization Competition
July 18, 2019 Thursday I & II
English Calligraphy
Poem Recitation Competition
July 19, 2019 Friday Curie v/s Teresa
Tagore v/s Vivekanand
Table Tennis-Boys(Grade VI & VII)
Kho Kho Girls (Grade VI & VII)
And Final Match
July 20, 2019 Saturday Pre-School Good to Be Me, I am Special: My First Stage Presentation
July 22, 2019 Monday

Aashu Bhashan Pratiyogita
Shaloka Uchharan
July 23, 2019 Tuesday IX Hindi Essay Writing Competition
July 24, 2019 Wednesday VIII Nibandh Lekhan Pratiyogita: Vayu Se Aayu
July 25, 2019 Thursday I & II
Likhe Sunder, Dikhe Sunder: Hindi Calligraphy
Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita
July 26, 2019 Friday Vivekananda House on Duty Inter House:
Vaad Vivad Pratiyogita(Sr.) (IX & XI)): Yog Hamre Jiwan ka ek Mehetvapurn Hissa Hona Chahiye: Kya Aap Sehmat Hai?
Nukkad Natak(Jr.)(IV & V): Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao
July 27, 2019 Saturday Pre-School Good to Be Me, I am Special: My First Stage Presentation
July 29, 2019 Monday VIII B S.A- Investiture Ceremony 
July 31, 2019 Wednesday Teresa House on Duty Flip the Coin: Inter House Debate (Jr. & Sr.)
August 1, 2019 Thursday IV and V Workshop on "Anti Bullying"
August 2, 2019 Friday Curie v/s Teresa
Tagore v/s Vivekanand
Table Tennis-Girls(Grade VI & VII)
Yoga Performance(GRADE IV - VI)
August 5, 2019 Monday XI and XII Workshop on 'Career Counselling'
August 20, 2019 Tuesday Curie House on Duty Plants are Our Life Line: A Quest(Inter House Competition)
August 23, 2019 Friday
August 27, 2019 Tuesday VI-VIII Visit to Science Museum
September 3, 2019 Tuesday PRE SCHOOL-
Workshop on 'Road Safety"
September 6, 2019 Friday GRAND PARENTS DAY
September 18, 2019 Wednesday I & II Workshop on "Self Defence"
September 27, 2019 Friday Tagore House on Duty Inter House: Science Quiz
September 28, 2019 Saturday GRAND PARENTS DAY
October 4, 2019 Friday I-III  Visit to Fun Town
October 10, 2019 Thursday IX & X Workshop on "Anger Management"
October 12, 2019 Saturday SKILL BAZAAR
November 7, 2019 Thursday PRE SCHOOL-
Visit to Rail Museum
November 26, 2019 Tuesday
I & II
Colour Disney Character
Hatters Day: Hat Making of Different Countries
Flag Day: Flag Making of Different Countries
November 27, 2019 Wednesday VIII & IX

World Food Court Day: Exibition of Cuisines of Different countries
Workshop on Career Options Available Abroad
November 28, 2019 Thursday REVELS
November 29, 2019 Friday
December 4, 2019 Wednesday IV & V Visit to Eco Adventure Park
December 10, 2019 Tuesday
Card Designing
Wall Hanging
December 11, 2019 Wednesday III & IV
Pen Holder
Photo Frame
December 12, 2019 Thursday VIII
I & II
Folder Making
Designing Bags with Old Jeans
Foil Paper Activity
December 13, 2019 Friday I & II Visit to Air Force Museum
Donation of Toys, Books, Warm Clothes
December 17, 2019 Tuesday IX - XII Wish Tree (Messages of Peace and Goodwill)
December 18, 2019 Wednesday VII - VIII Visit to Godhuli
December 19, 2019 Thursday III - V Cards of Gratitude: Respect Your Helpers
December 20, 2019 Friday VI Craft Peace Dove 
December 24, 2019 Tuesday Vivekananda House on Duty
Inter House Competition: Youth Parliament
December 28, 2019 Saturday CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL
January 20, 2020 Monday III
IV & V
Origami Making
3D Shape Designing
January 21, 2020 Tuesday VI
Rangoli making with Shapes (House Activity)
Book Mark Making with Shapes
January 22, 2020 Wednesday I & II Design a Dream Home (Origami Activity)
January 23, 2020 Thursday V
Mental Maze Competition
January 29, 2020 Wednesday Teresa House on Duty
(IV to VIII)
Inter House Dance & Music Fest: Cultural Bonanza
January 30, 2020 Thursday III - VII Visit to any Historical Place
January 31, 2020 Friday VIII & IX The Journey of Thoushand Miles Begins with a Single Step:  Travel Brochure Competition
February 1, 2020 Saturday FAREWELL
February 5, 2020 Wednesday III-V Visit to Nehru Planetorium 
February 12, 2020 Wednesday PRE SCHOOL-
Visit to Aeroplanet

MBSian Trail (2018-19)

Date Day Class Event
March '18
15 March '18 Thursday X and XII New Session Begins
April '18
4 April '18 Wednesday NUR New Session Begins
5 April '18 Thursday KG -IX New Session Begins
9 April '18 Monday NUR Party Time
9 April '18 Monday   Wellness Week
VII-VIII *Mental & Emotional Wellbeing 
10 April' 18 Tuesday IX & X *Talk by a Doctor
11 April' 18 Wednesday VI-VIII *Stay Fit with Yoga
12 April' 18 Thursday KG & I *Dental Check Up
13 April' 18 Friday I-V *Food and Nutrition 
10 April' 18 Tuesday  NUR - KG 3D Movie Show
11 April' 18 Wednesday NUR - KG Free Dance
I - III Intra Class English Poetry Recitation

Kho - Kho (Boys)Curie V/S Teresa

Kho - Kho (Boys) Tagore V/S Vivekanad


Table-Tennis (Boys) Curie Vs ViveTable-Tennis ( Tagore Vs Teresa  

IX & X Workshop on "Time and Stress Management"
12 April' 18 Thursday XI New Session Begins
13 April' 18 Friday NUR-KG Puppet Show 
16 April' 18 Monday NUR Know Your School
18 April' 18 Wednesday I-II Calligraphy Competition
18 April' 18 Wednesday III-IX & XI Heritage Club Activities

 * Inter House Collage Making Competition

Topic: Spiritual India

19 April' 18 Thursday X & XI * Inter House Quiz : Know Your Buildings and Monuments
20 April' 18 Friday IV & V * Nukkad Natak : "Preserving our Heritage"
VI & VII * Heritage walk to Humayun's Tomb. 
23 April' 18 to 27 April' 18 Monday-Friday I -XII Good Samaritan Club Activity
* Collection & Sale of old Newspapers to help the Needy
25 April' 18 Wednesday I-III Tell-a-Tale
    IV - IX & XI House Meeting
26 April' 18 Thursday NUR-II WorkShop on "Good Touch-Bad Touch"
27April' 18 Friday KG Let Me Introduce Myself 
27April' 18 Friday III-V WorkShop on "Good Touch-Bad Touch"
May '18
1 May'18 to  9 May'18 Tuesday-Wednesday X & XII Class Test
2 May'18 Wednesday NUR & KG Hindi Rhyme Recitation
I-III Show and Tell
IV & V WorkShop on "Anti-Bullying" 

Kho-Kho (Boys) Tagore V/S Kho-Kho (Boys)

Curie  V/S VivekaTable-Tennis (Girls) Teresa Vs Vivekanand 

Table-Tennis (Girls) Curie Vs Tagore

IX Entity Club Activity
* I Dream To Be ………...      
2 May'18 Wednesday XI & XII Workshop on "Career Avenues "
2 May'18 Wednesday VI -VIII  Good Samaritan Club Activity
*Visit to Oldage Home
3 May'18 and 4 May'18 Thur-Fri III-IX Cultural Bonanza
5 May'18 Saturday NUR-IX &  XI PTM
7 May'18 Monday                                     III - VI Aryabhatta Club Activities [Maths Week]
*Enter the World of Vedic Mathematics 
8 May'18 Tuesday IV-VIII * Origami in Mathematics
9 May'18 Wednesday IV to IX & XI * Mathematics Relay
10 May'18 Thursday IX - XII * Sudoku Solving Competition 
11 May'18 Friday IV-VIII * Design 3-D Shapes
8 May'18 Tuesday I-III  Theme : Mother's Day
8 May'18  and 9 May'18 Tues & Wed NUR Splash Pool Party
9 May'18 Wednesday I- III Hindi Calligraphy Competition
IV & V

Kho - Kho Match (Girls)Curie V/S Teresa  

Kho - Kho Match (Girls) Tagore V/S Vivekanad 

VI-VIII Workshop on "Good Touch-Bad Touch"
9 May'18 Wednesday IX & XI Techies Club Activity
* Classified Ad  Designing Competition
10 May'18 and 11 May'18 Thursday & Friday KG Splash Pool Party
19 May'18 Saturday X & XII PTM
23 May'18 Wednesday XI & XII Workshop on " Time and Strees Management"
July '18
4 July '18 Wednesday NUR -XII School Reopens
4 July '18 Wednesday VI-IX Workshop on "Gender Sensitization"
6 July '18 Friday KG English Rhyme Recitation
11 July '18 Wednesday I-III Drawing Competition : Save Mother Earth
      Eco Club Activities 
11 July '18 Wednesday IV -V * Talk by A Gardner * Tree Plantation
    VI-VIII * Poster Making (Van Mahotsav)
    IX-XII * Slogan Writing /Sloganeering  : Save Mother Earth
11 July '18 Wednesday NUR & KG Plant A Sapling
14 July '18 Saturday III-XII Scholar Badge Ceremony
      Good Samaritan Club Activity
16 July '18 to 18 July '18 Mon-Wed I-XII * Collection of Stationery Items & Basic Essentials for the Under Privileged 
18 July '18 Wednesday I-III GK Quiz
18 July '18 Wednesday IV -V Entity Club Activities 
* Word Chain
VI -VIII * Intra Class : Speak About Yourself & Your Favourite Hobby 

Table-Tennis (Boys) Curie Vs Vivekananda 

Table-Tennis (Boys) Tagore Vs Teresa 

Volleyball (Girls) Tagore Vs Vivekanand 

Volleyball (Girls) Teresa Vs Curie

Basketball (Boys) Teresa Vs Curie

Basketball (Boys) Tagore Vs Vivekanand 

21 July '18 Saturday KG Father's Day Celebration
23 July '18 to 31 July '18 Mon-Mon III-XII PT-1 
25 July'18 Wednesday I-II Workshop on "Self Defence Tehniques"
31 July '18 Tuesday NUR-KG Excursion : Aeroplanet
August '18
1 Aug '18 Wednesday I-III Character Dramatization (Freedom fighters)
IV & V

Basketball (Boys) Teresa Vs Curie

Basketball (Boys) Tagore Vs Vivekanand


Kho - Kho (Girls)Curie V/S Teresa

Kho - Kho (Girls) Tagore V/S Vivekanad 


Basketball (Girls) Teresa Vs Vivekanand 

Basketball (Girls) Curie Vs Tagore 

Volleyball (Boys) Curie Vs Vivekanand 

Volleyball (Boys) Teresa Vs Tagore    

2 Aug '18 Thursday NUR-KG Character Enactment
8 Aug '18 Wednesday NUR-III  Colouring Competition (National Symbols)
8 Aug '18 Wednesday NUR-XII Ripples - 2018: Inter School Competition
9 Aug '18 and 10 Aug '18 Thur-Fri IX-XII  3rd Inter School Basketball Tournament 
13 Aug '18 Monday IV-XII Lingua Franca Clubs Activities [English Week]
* Inter House English Debate Competition
16 Aug '18 Thursday IV-XII * Inter House Declamation 
16 Aug '18 Thursday I to IX & XI * Inter House Elocution
17 Aug '18 Friday IV to IX & XI * Inter House Extempore

Morning Assembly 

* 'School Buzz' : Young Reporters Presenting Significant Milestones of the School in a News Clipping. (CNBE uploaded in You-Tube)

14 Aug '18 Tuesday NUR - II Independence Day - Special Assembly

Independence Day - Special Assembly & Investiture Ceremony 

(Skating , Taekwondow & Yoga Performance)

18 Aug '18 Saturday NUR -XII PTM
23 Aug '18 Thursday VI -VIII

Basketball (Boys) Teresa Vs Tagore

Basketball (Boys) Curie Vs Vivekanand

Volleyball (Girls) Curie Vs Vivekanand 

Volleyball (Girls) Teresa Vs Tagore  

Basketball (Girls) Teresa Vs Curie 

Basketball (Girls) Tagore Vs Vivekanand

Volleyball (Boys) Teresa Vs Vivekanand

Volleyball (Boys) Curie Vs Tagore 

24 Aug '18 Friday NUR -KG Raksha Bandhan Celebration
29 Aug '18 Wednesday NUR-KG English Rhyme Recitation 
24 Aug '18 to 4 Sept '18 Fri-Tues X &XII Class Test-2
27 Aug '18 to31 Aug '18 Mon - Fri III-XII Sports Week
31 Aug '18 Friday NUR & KG Janmashtami Celebration
31 Aug '18 Friday IV & V Good Samaritan Club Activity
Morning Assembly:  *Nukkad Natak to spread awareness about socially relevant issues
September '18
4 Sep '18 Tuesday   Eco Club Activities [ Swacchhata Pakhwada]
VI-IX & XI *Inter House Competition: Best Out Of Waste
III-V *Intra class Poster Making Competition
6 Sep '18 Thursday XII * Vermi Composting 
7 Sep '18 Friday VI-VIII * Nukkad Natak : "Waste Manegement" 
6 Sep '18 Thursday VI & VII Good Samaritan Club Activity
*Visit to Orphanage
7 Sep '18 Friday NUR-II Grandparents' Day
7 Sep '18 Friday IX-XII MUN
10 Sep '18 Monday IV-XII Lingua Franca Club Activities [Hindi Week]
* Inter house Hindi Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita
11 Sep '18 Tuesday IV - VIII * Intra class Shrutlekh Pratiyogita
12 Sep '18 Wednesday I - XI * Inter house Kavya-Vaachan
13 Sep '18 Thursday IV - XI * Inter house Hindi Extempore
14 Sep '18 Friday IV - IX * Intra Class Anuchhed Lekhan
19 Sep '18 Wednesday I-III Group Dance Competition
IV -IX & XI Lingua Franca Club Activity 
English Creative Writing Competition
X & XII Workshop on "Anger Management" 
26 Sep '18 Wednesday NUR-KG Road Safety Awareness Workshop
I-III Best out of Waste
NUR-VIII On the Spot Painting Competition: Paint your Immagination 
IX-XII Workshop on "Pariksha Par Charcha"
1 Oct '18 to 15 Oct '18 Monday-Monday III-XII Half-Yearly Examination
1 Oct '18 Monday NUR & KG Movie Show
4 Oct'18 and 5 Oct' 18 Thur & Fri I & II Fun Races
5 Oct '18 Friday NUR & KG Clean India Green India
8 Oct '18 to 12 Oct '18 Monday-Friday NUR & KG Revels-2018
10 Oct '18 Wednesday NUR & KG Come Lets Know Me
16 Oct '18 Tuesday NUR & KG Dussehra Celebration
22 Oct' 18 Monday XI & XII Techies Club Activity
* Banner Designing Competition
26 Oct '18 Friday KG Story Telling
IV-VII Visit to Akshardham Temple
VIII & IX Heritage Club Activity
*Visit to National Museum 
31 Oct '18 Wednesday IV & V Anti Cracker Campaign
2 Nov '18 Friday  VIII-IX Rangoli Competition 
3 Nov '18  Saturday NUR-XII PTM & Skill Bazaar
5 Nov '18  Monday NUR & KG Diwali Celeberation
4 Dec '18 to 21 Dec '18  Fri-Mon X & XII Pre-Board -1
5 Dec '18 Wednesday I-III Creative Writing
7 Dec '18 Friday NUR & KG Visit to Sports Complex
10 Dec '18 to 17 Dec '18 Mon- Mon III-IX & XI PT-2
19 Dec '18 Wednesday NUR Show & Tell
19 Dec '18 Wednesday I-III Craft Work (Foil paper craft)
21 Dec '18 Friday NUR & KG Visit to Church
24 Dec '18 Mondy IX & XI Eureka Club Activities
*Visit to Science Centre
III -VIII * Collage Making Competition
26 Dec '18 Wednesday VI-IX & XI * Inter House Poster Making Competition 
III-V * Visit to Nehru Planetorium
27 Dec '18 Thursday XI & XII * Science Symposium
27 Dec '18  and 28 Dec '18  Thur-Fri IV-VIII * Model Making
29 Dec '18 Saturday IV-VIII * Science Exhibition
29 Dec '18 Saturday NUR -XII PTM  +  Winter Carnival
8 Jan '19 to 21 Jan '19  Fri-Mon X & XII Pre-Board -2
16 Jan' 19 Wednesday XI Entity Club Activity
* Ramp Walk
IX * Role Play …….
VI-VIII * Story Chain
16 Jan' 19 Wednesday I-III Little Master Chefs
18 Jan' 19 Friday KG Extempore
21 Jan' 19 Monday VII-VIII Eco Club Activities
Visit to Biodiversity Park 
23 Jan' 19 Wednesday I-III Fun with shapes
NUR Costume Drama- Fairy Tales
VI-IX & XI Techies Club Activity
*Inter House PowerPoint presentation
28 Jan' 19 to 1 Feb' 19 Mon- Fri I-VIII Library Week
29 Jan' 19 Tuesday I & II Visit to Rail Museum 
30 Jan' 19 Wednesday I-III Spell Bee
IV & V Inter House One Act Play
2 Feb' 19 Saturday X & XII PTM
6 Feb '19 Wednesday IV & V Techies Club Activies
*Inter House Birthday Card Designing
VI-VIII *Inter House IT Quiz
IX & XI * Coding Challenge
6 Feb '19 Wednesday I-III Story Enactment 

8 Feb '19

9 Feb' 19





Fun Races


10 Feb' 19 Sunday XI-XII Citation & Farewell
18 Feb' 19 to 5 Mar' 19 Fri-Fri IX & XI Annual Examination
15 Feb '19 Friday KG Calligraphy Competition
22 Feb' 19 to14 Mar' 19 Fri-Tues III - VIII Annual Examination
22 Feb '19 Friday KG Reduce,reuse & recycle
23 Feb '19 Saturday KG Graduation ceremony
27 Feb '19 Wednesday KG Calligraphy Competition
1 March '19 Friday NUR-KG Visit to McDonalds
MBSian Trail (2017-18)
Day & Date Class Events
Mar ‘17
Wednesday, 15th Mar ‘17 Class XII New Session begins
Apr ‘17
Monday, 3rd Apr ‘17 NUR New Session begins
Wednesday, 5th Apr ‘17 KG-X New Session begins
I-XII Assembly conducted by Class XII
Wednesday, 12th Apr ‘17 XI New Session begins
NUR-III Theme Based Activity
IV-IX & XI House Meeting + March Past
Wednesday, 19th Apr ‘17 IV-V, VI-VIII Inter House Kho-Kho Competition(Girls)
VI-VIII Inter House Badminton Competition(Boys)
IX-XII Inter House Basketball Competition(Girls)
IX-XII Inter House Table Tennis Competition(Boys)
Wednesday, 26th Apr ‘17 NUR-I Theme Based Activity
II-III English Poetry Recitation (Intra class)
VI-VIII Inter House English Poetry Recitation Competition
IX-XII Inter House English Debate Competition
May ‘17
Wednesday, 3rd May ‘17 NUR-I Mango Day
II-III Poster Making Competition
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Saturday, 6th May ‘17 NUR-XII PTM
Wednesday, 10th May ‘17 II-III Show and Tell
Friday, 12th May ‘17 VI-XII “MBSianBroadway” Inter house English Play Competition
July‘ 17
Wednesday, 5th July ‘17 NUR-III Theme Based Activity
IV-IX & XI House Meeting + House wise March Past
Monday, 10th July ‘17-Monday, 17th July ‘17 III-XI Unit Test-1
Wednesday, 19th July ‘17 I Fancy Dress (Famous Personalities)
IV-V, VI-VIII Inter House Kho-Kho Competition(Girls)
VI-VIII Inter House Badminton Competition(Boys)
IX-XII Inter House Basketball Competition(Girls)
IX-XII Inter House Table Tennis Competition(Boys)
Saturday, 22nd July ‘17 V & XII Investiture Ceremony (Auditorium)
Monday, 24th July ‘17 NUR-XII Investiture Ceremony (Special Assembly)
Wednesday, 26th July ‘17 Nur, KG Fancy Dress Competition (Fairy Tales)
II & III Intra Class Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Saturday, 29th July ‘17 NUR-XII PTM + Holiday Homework Display +Exhibition
Aug‘ 17
Wednesday, 2nd Aug ‘17 NUR-III Flag Making Activity
IV-V Clay Moulding Activity
IV-V & VI-VIII Inter House Kho-Kho Competition (Girls) Final
VI-VIII Inter House Badminton Competition (Boys) Final
IX-XII Inter House Basketball Competition (Girls) Final
IX-XII Inter House Table Tennis Competition (Boys) Final
Friday, 4th Aug-Saturday, 5th Aug ‘17 IX-XII “MUN”
Wednesday, 9th Aug ‘17 I-V "Taek wondo Performance"
IV-V & VI-VIII Inter House Boys Kho-Kho Competition
IX-XII Inter House Boys Basketball Competition
IX-XII Inter House Girls Table Tennis Competition
Monday, 14th Aug ‘17 NUR-XII Special Assembly on Independence Day and Janmashthami
VI-VIII Kite Flying
Wednesday, 23rd Aug ‘17 NUR-II Flower Making /Best Out of Waste
III-V Representation of Different States of India
VI-VIII Inter House English Declamation Competition
IX-XII Inter House Ad Mad Competition (Commerce)
Wednesday, 30th Aug ‘17 NUR-KG Theme Based Activity
I-II Group Dance (Patriotic)
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Sept‘ 17
Friday, 8th Sept ‘17 NUR-KG ‘Grand Parents Day‘
“Tuesday, 12th Sept ‘17-Wednesday, 27th Sept ‘17” III-XII HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION
Oct ‘ 17
Wednesday, 4th Oct ‘17 NUR-KG Theme Based Activity
II-III GK (Quiz)
IV-V Inter House Boys Kho-Kho Competition
IV-IX & XI March Past & Clubs
Wednesday, 11th Oct ‘17 IV-V Inter House Hindi Declamation Competition
VI-VIII Inter House Boys Kho-Kho Competition
IX-XII Inter House Boys Basketball Competition
IX-XII Inter House Girls Table Tennis Competition
VI-XI Inter House Boys Cricket Match (2 Houses V/S 2 Houses)
Saturday, 14th Oct ‘17 NUR-XII PTM+Mbsian Skill Bazaar+‘Nukkad Natika‘
+Stream Allocation + Career Counselling
Wednesday, 25th Oct ‘17 I-V Boys and Girls Skating Performance
NUR-I Fun Races
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Thursday, 26th Oct-Friday 27th Oct‘17 IX-XII 2nd Interschool Basketball Tournament
Nov ‘ 17
Wednesday, 1st Nov ‘17 NUR-III Theme Based Activity
IV-V Inter House Basketball Competition (Boys)
XII Workshop on “Time and Stress Management”
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Wednesday, 8th Nov ‘17 X Workshop on “Time and Stress Management”
IV-V InterHouseCricketMatch(2HousesV/S2 Houses)
Friday, 10th Nov-Saturday 11th Nov ‘17 VI-VIII Educational Excursion-Agra: Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri (Mandatory)
Friday, 10th Nov ‘17 NUR-I Picnic Park (Day Out)
II & III Visit to Doll Museum (Day Out)
Tuesday, 14th Nov ‘17 NUR-XII Special Assembly on Children‘s Day
Wednesday, 15th Nov ‘17 II-III Fun Races
XI Workshop on “Time and Stress Management”
IV-V Gk Quiz
Saturday, 18th Nov ‘17 III-IX Scholar‘s Badge Ceremony
Wednesday, 22nd Nov ‘17 I-V Taekwondo Performance
IX Workshop on “Time and Stress Management”
Friday, 24th Nov ‘17 IV-V Visit to Science Museum
Thursday 23rd Nov ‘17-Saturday 25th Nov ‘17 IX-XII Excursion to Jim Corbett
Wednesday, 29th Nov ‘17 IV-XII Sportania 2017
Dec‘ 17
Saturday, 2nd Dec ‘17 III-XII MBSian Runathon 2017
Wednesday, 6th Dec ‘17 IV-V Inter House Solo Singing Competition
Monday, 11th Dec ‘17-Monday, 18th Dec ‘17 Class III-IX & XI Unit Test-2
X & XII Preboard Examination-1
Wednesday, 20th Dec ‘17 NUR-I Red Apple Day
IV-V Inter House Basketball Competition
VI-VIII Inter House Boys Kho-Kho Competition (Final)
IX-XII Inter House Boys Basketball Competition (Final)
IX-XII Inter House Girls Table Tennis Competition (Final)
VI-XI Inter House Boys Cricket Match (Final)
Friday, 22nd Dec ‘17 NUR-XII Special Assembly on Christmas
Saturday, 23rd Dec ‘17 NUR-V PTM + Christmas Carnival
Saturday, 30th Dec ‘17 X & XII PTM
Jan‘ 18
Tuesday, 9th Jan ‘18-Thursday, 22nd Jan ‘18 X &XII Preboard Examination-2
Monday, 15th Jan ‘18-Saturday, 20th Jan ‘18   Library Week
Saturday, 20th Jan ‘18 VI-IX & XI PTM + Book Fair
Wednesday, 24th Jan ‘18 NUR-KG Theme Based Activity
I-V Powerpoint Presentation on Forest
Thursday, 25th Jan ‘18 NUR-IX & XI Special Assembly on Republic Day
XII Citation Ceremony
Saturday, 27th Jan ‘18 XII Farewell (Tentative)
Wednesday, 31st Jan ‘18 NUR-III Theme Based Activity
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Feb ‘18
Saturday, 3rd Feb ‘18 NUR-KG ‘Blackberry Winter‘ + Graduation Ceremony
Saturday, 3rd Feb ‘18 X & XII PTM
Wednesday, 7th Feb ‘18 NUR-I Nature Walk
IV-IX & XI Clubs
Monday, 16th Feb ‘18-Monday, 1st Mar ‘18 IX and XI Annual Examination
Mar ‘18
Monday, 5th Mar ‘18-Monday, 19th Mar ‘18 III-VIII Annual Examination
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