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All About Transportation

Transportation is a general word for all the methods people use to move themselves and their goods from one place to another. In order to emphasize the importance of transportation, MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka conducted “All About Transportation Activity” for the Pre-School on September 19, 2022 and Pre-Primary students on September 20, 2022. Children learnt by playing with toys of transport. While the children enjoyed playing and sharing their transport toys in the classroom.
Pre-Primary students used Origami sheet to make the sail boat, car and an aeroplane. Students of Preschool made the paper boat with Origami sheet. Students were engaged thoroughly in the activity. The teachers contributed their share of valuable information with their students thus bringing an end to an interesting and fun filled class event.

Hindi Kavita Vaachan- PrePrimary

To instil a love for this and to develop recitation skills among our little ones, MBS International School has organised an intra-class ‘Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competition’ for the Pre-School students from Monday, September 12, 2022 to Thursday, September 15, 2022.
Poem recitation is an art of expression and helps in expanding the vocabulary of the little ones. It enables the students to explore inner talents and also builds confidence. This was the aim behind conducting the Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competition for the students of Nursery and Pre-primary. The children were flawless, full of confidence and poise. The props added greatly to enhance the performance of the students.
As we know recitation is an art and can be a lot of fun. Keeping the various aspects of poetry in view, the participants came up with their poems. The recital excelled in rhythm, mood, diction and expressions. The victors were applauded and praised for their capability by our judges and dignitaries.
It was a splendid event for Primary Wing that lulled the innocent hearts of the toddlers.

Making Storage Box

“Creativity is making marvellous out of discarded”
Eco Club of MBS International School conducted the Best Out Of Waste (Making Storage Box) Activity on August 3 ,2022. Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy exhibited during the “Best Out of Waste Activity”.
We teachers aim to bring the students to understand the importance of preserving the environment and learn more about sustainability. We should not throw away waste things, we could use them again for different purposes and that we should not cause harm to nature. In order to make children aware of uses of waste material, the activity was organised for students.| Students prepared very creative and innovative models and art items from different waste materials. They used reusable and recyclable materials like news papers, bottles, bangles, ice cream sticks and much more. From these items, they created an amazing array of display objects leaving everyone totally impressed. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, reuse, etc. are imbibed on the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring for our environment.

Open the Knots

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. “Focus on your goal …Not your fear”.
To develop the concentration and focus in the life of students, schools conduct different activities.Keeping this in view MBS International School organized Inter House Sports Competition "Open the Knots" for the students of Grade I, II and III. This joyous activity helped the students develop fine motor skills. Through this, the students learnt about how to concentrate and focus to solve the problems. Students were provided with the knotted ropes. They were divided in groups for the competition. Each group was provided with one rope with knots, tied by the teacher. They were being told that whosoever will open the knots quickly among all will be observed by the teachers and the performance will be ranked accordingly. Each group demonstrated the zeal and participated very curiously in the competition. Everyone’s participation was monitored very closely and ensured that they were able to grasp the concept of activity very clearly.
As students improve their fine motor skills they develop their independence in doing a range of tasks. While they tugged and pulled the knot they used the skills such as eye-hand coordination to pull at the correct place in the knot in order to untie. The amusement and laughter of the students was the proof of the joy and fun they experienced during the competition. Three winners were selected from each section and were appreciated by the teacher.


Green Colour Day/ Shades of Green

“Green is the most common colour in the natural world, think of nature and see, green in all its glory expressing renewal and life. Green is said to have healing power and is understood to be the most relaxing and restful colour for human eyes. Green colour is associated with growth, safety and nature. It is one of the secondary colours.”
In order to teach our children about such uses of colours in their immediate environment and to help them to develop an understanding of green colour in many forms, MBS International School, Sector 11, Dwarka organized different activities on Friday, 2nd September, 2022 for the tiny-tots of Nursery & Pre Primary.
All the students and teachers came donned up in the different shades of green and the classes were made vibrant with the beautiful green backgrounds. Students were taught identification and recognition of green vegetables, leaves, trees and various green objects. To provide Sensory motor skills, the children were given green colour craft work i.e. Frog with Paper folding. Children took part with great enthusiasm in craft activities related to green colour like Caterpillar Creation Activity with help of small green circles. They displayed their creative skills using their tiny magical fingers. Children participated well and learnt about green colour with keen interest.



“Have fruits if you want to lead a fruitful life”  

In MBS International School, Teachers had set up their own Fruit Mart on August 29,  2022 for the students of Pre-School and on August 30, 2022 for the students of Pre- Primary which was displayed in a creative way.  
 Children had a fun filled experience of selling and buying fruits from the fruit vendor  (teacher). They were excited using the weighing scale. The enriching experience gave  the students an opportunity to showcase not only their proficiency in handling money  but also to display their marketing skills.  
The activity also created awareness about the importance of consumption of fruits in  regular diet. Event was used to reinforce the concept of the healthy benefits of fruits.  The tiny tots also learned more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each fruit  and vegetable. Children were made to understand the gravity of washing the fruits  before eating and eating fresh fruits. Children also enjoyed colouring in Fruit Basket.  Children participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They exhibited their talent. It  helped them in exploring new ideas, creativity as well as a sense of colours.  
It created a positive learning environment which provided our students an amazing  experience which will be helpful to connect it to the real-life experience.






  • To encourage students to develop self-confidence. 
  • To instill virtues and morals in children.

To brighten the day of the students with wonderful “KAVITA VACHAN ”. MBS International School organized this Competition on 5st August, 2022 for the students of Grade -VIII & IX. Students were given the platform to present themselves confidently. 

MBS international- Kavita competition

The students showcased their talent and the best three students were chosen as a winner.

The students made the most of this opportunity by actively participating in the event. The creative and artistic use made judges wonder .This event enabled our students to kindle their imagination and helped them to enhance their learning process. 

Parameters/ criteria to access competition

Coherence of form and structure

Voice: Pitch & Pace

Accurate Pronunciation

Body Language & Gestures

Result of the competition(Class VIII & IX )


House Name

Student’s Name





Sayyed Ahmed





Anusha Jaswal











A special assembly on ‘Janmashtami’ was presented by the students of Grade IV B on Thursday, August 18, 2022.

The assembly started with prayer to the Lord asking him to walk with us and guide us through the thick and thin. The students presented a beautiful thought that inspired all to do good deeds in life. Through the teachings of Lord Krishna, the young learners were enthused to do well to others followed by Group song, Krishna Bhajan and dance performance.

The students were pleased to know about the various kinds of celebrations done on the occasion of Janmashtami all over India. They also learnt about the significance of Janmashtami. The students’ enthusiasm and excitement shone brightly as they understood that the sole reason for celebrating this festival is bringing people together so that principles of unity are strengthen.

The day’s celebration ended with the message that “A friend in need is a friend indeed” and “sharing is caring”.






“Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists”-Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita.

Sweeter than honey ,tastier than curd,pleasanter indeed than any happiness and joy is the company is the power of the name of Krishna.

The birthday of lord Krishna was celebrated by our students of MBS International School with great devotion and enthusiasm on this 17th of August 2022 the .Children came dressed in ethnic wear as Radha Krishna they gave a mythological touch to the entire celebration.The day started with the prayer which was followed by the dramatisation of Lord Krishna’s birth .Story narration on lord Krishna was carried out by the teachers of the pre-primary section.Children danced on the song of “Natkhat gopal“and they made their own headgears “Krishna’s Crown”.They looked adorable in their self designed headgears with peacock feathers.It was a fun-filled edutaining morning. The day is celebrated with great zeal and devotion.

Celebration like these teach our students the rich mythological history of our country as they learn to respect and value all religions.









“Nature looks more beautiful in the rain” – Melissa Harrison

Rainy season is always a fun time for the kids if it is celebrated in the school. Moreover it makes the school environment mesmerizing for the tiny tots. An activity of ‘Rainy Season’ for the little hands was organised by MBS International School on 1st August 2022 Monday for Preschoolers and 2nd August 2022 Tuesday for Pre-primary students respectively.

The students of pre- primary used origami sheet to showcase their creativity in making a paper boat. Students were completely engrossed in the activity. Teacher enrich their vocabulary by telling them new words like gumboots, raincoat, umbrella etc. The students of preschool made a paper umbrella with an ice cream stick. Students enjoyed the activity and were encouraged to talk about Rainy Season.

Children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the activity in which their creative skills were fostered. It was learning with fun for the children.




“The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination.” Helen Keller” 

Although perceived as a mere fun activity, fancy dress is of great benefit to children especially for children that are in the foundation years for building their imagination and vocabulary.
Fancy dress is more than just physically wearing a costume. When “in character”, children learn to role play. They learn to imitate the mannerisms of the character or object they’re dressed up as, and, may even create their own special traits and themes, which encourages children to ‘think outside the box,’ practice different emotions, and use their language skills to communicate.
The Pre-primary section of MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka conducted a fancy-dress activity on Monday, July 25,2022 and Tuesday, July 26,2022. on the theme ‘Animal World’.
The children were encouraged to introduce themselves and say a few sentences explaining why they chose to dress up as a particular animal. The children did a phenomenal job at the event! They were enthusiastic about dressing up for the event. The children amused us with their creativity, speech, memory and boundless imagination shown in their dress and narration. The effort and hard work of the children and parents were highly praised.  

















‘ Be yourself, but always your better self ‘ – Karl G. Maeser.
At MBS International School, we believe in learning by doing. To foster this in our students, MBS International School organised an activity “Self -Introduction” for Preschool and Pre-primary on Monday, July 11,2022& Tuesday, July 12, 2022.
Children expressed themselves in the class and freely shared their thoughts. They shared several things about themselves like hobbies, favourite cartoon, favourite game, favourite colour etc. They used props to heighten the effect of their conversation. The activity brought everyone closer. Teachers also explored their students. The activity was a great learning experience for students as they get a platform to express themselves and recognise their peer groups. The teacher applauded all the participants for their efforts and presentation.










“Shades of yellow stimulates our little ones with happiness, energy and optimism…….”

With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the vitality of yellow colour and to explore it’s different shades, the Primary wing of MBS International School,Sector-11,Dwarka celebrated “Yellow day” on Monday, July 18,2022 and Tuesday, July 19,2022.

The motive of celebrating this yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour, its significance and to develop fine motor skills in the students.

A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”!

Attractive yellow coloured toys like racing cars, teddy bears, dolls, balls, balloons, flying discs, flowers and masks made the learning environment active and sporty.

Focusing on the theme the teachers planned  activities and their art work was displayed on the soft boards. The bulletin boards were reverberated with quotes, appealing posters of minions, Tweety, honey bees and sunflowers highlighting the essence of yellow colour. 











“Magic is the stunning art of surprising your audience, so that nothing else surprises them.”- Amit Kalantri” 

The “MAGIC SHOW” was organised by MBS International School for the students of Pre-School to Grade 1 on July, 15 2022 to fill some fun and joy in the young minds. The show was conducted by the magician. He performed many tricks and created illusions that made children and teachers watch him bewitchingly. The magic wand, magic spells and the interesting and distinctive style of magician kept everybody astounded. Children were amazed to chant magic spells. Showing some exciting tricks and making them disappear was another feature that impressed  everyone. All of students entrancingly kept clapping as he unfolded the magic tricks one by one. The show was a great success and children enjoyed it to the great extent 







“Everything good, everything magical happens during the summer season.” 

Children love to learn about the world around them, hence with an objective to recapitulate and reinforce summer season the Pre-Primary wing of MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka celebrated “Summer Fun” on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. 

They were shown different pictures and flashcards related to the summer season. Students shared how they have spent their summer vacation. Pre Primary students were taught to make lemonade. To make the activity more inclusive for our Preschool and Preprimary students, a few fun activities were organised. Pre Primary students enjoyed tearing and pasting in the picture of an ice cream and Pre School students rejoiced fingerprinting on the same.

 It was a fun-filled session wherein students enjoyed a healthy lemonade drink. Session was thoroughly refreshing and students had a whale of the time. 







The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.  Every year on April 22, Earth Day, is celebrated all over the world to appreciate the uniqueness of our planet Earth, while at the same time, educating ourselves about what we have and what we are losing by acting in ways that aren’t environmentally friendly. The day also reminds us that we need to take action now to protect our environment before it’s too late.

On this occasion, the children of Pre-Primary wing of MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka zealously started with a Tree Plantation Drive. Through this awareness drive the children are to be engaged in maintaining the tree saplings through the year. This will ensure that every student is an environmental and climate literate citizen, ready to take action and be a voice for change.

Students were told about the importance of trees and recycling. The aim was to sensitise the students about how valuable trees are. The children took turns to speak a few lines conveying the message of keeping our surroundings clean and in turn taking care of the Mother Earth. The extensive events organised went a long way in introducing and orienting the young minds to develop a continuing compassion for Mother Earth and thus making a difference.




Little hands and imagination minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the “Best out of waste” activity held on Monday, April 18,2022 & Tuesday, April 19,2022. for the Pre-Primary wing.

We at MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka aim to make children understand the importance of preserving the environment and learn more about sustainability. We should not throw away waste things, we could use them again for different purposes and that we should not cause harm to nature.

Students of Preschool and Pre-Primary used reusable and recyclable materials like newspapers and plastic bottles to make paper bags and flower pots respectively.

The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, reuse etc are imbibed on the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring our environment.



One of the core things we can all agree on is, that developing self-confidence in a child is very important. Building self-confidence in children allows them to be brave and reach out to try new things in life. In order to help children, build a strong sense of identity, an activity was conducted for all our Pre-School and Pre-Primary children on

Monday, April 11,2022 & Tuesday, April 12,2022. Children were engaged in conversation which made them feel special. They were involved in crown making activity and sash making activity, during the creative expression time and wore it like prince & princesses throughout the day. With different activities conducted at MBS International School, children are discovering more about themselves & their world. This activity was a stepping stone towards making all our children positive and confident about themselves.









Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!”

Singing and dancing to the wonderful song, leaving all the inhibitions aside the pre-primary children of MBS International School sector-11, Dwarka started their new session with pomp and excitement. The teacher greeted their students with beautiful hand puppet, which was enjoyed by the class. The class was filled with giggles and laughter.
 All interactions a teacher has with children can influence how they learn, grow and feel about themselves.  Hence, this activity was specially curated in a manner where teacher-child interactions focused on building a foundation of trust, empathy, connectedness, and school readiness. Children created their first -hand impression to mark the beginning of this special journey of learning and fun. Candies and balloons were distributed to the children.

Chalte Chalte French

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.”

Life in times of corona virus means a halt on travel. However, a virtual trip to another country can spark intense student interest as well as nurture various skills. We all know trips and tours are important for interactive and new learning, social interaction and exposure. So, to eradicate boredom and enhance knowledge while comfortably sitting at home, MBS International School, Dwarka organised “Chalte Chalte French”, a 3-day virtual excursion with Memory Makers to France for the students of grades V-VIII. The educational virtual excursion allowed the students to have 360-degree view of the Persian street & famous museums of France, explore markets, travel through different modes of transport, witness the incredible works of art from the Contemporary Eras. The children visited Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Eurodisney and took a walk alongside the Seine river. The various artifacts on art and culture enhanced the knowledge about Art, History, Geography and Science. 
Going on a school tour is an important part of learning. “Chalte Chalte French” made the language come alive, wherein the students got the wonderful opportunity to enhance their vocabulary and learn correct pronunciation of the words in French. Learning about the culture of France gave another dimension to language learning. MBS International School, yet again fulfilled its vision and philosophy which believes in opening global gateways and inspires students to explore beyond their national borders. 




Date : February 18 ,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

Musical chair is an interactive & relaxing game, through which children can learn to be patient, to work in coordination. With the students of pre-primary the game was played to make them revise the concept of subtraction. Music was played as the children walked around the circle. Every time the music stopped, children tried to sit on a chair., with a chair then being removed and the process repeated until only one player remained. They were all very excited to play the game.It sets out to be the best example of learning by doing.


Date : February 13 ,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

Identification of colours helps to create the thinking between visual clues and words which is an important part of a child's holistic development. To recapitulate all the colours, Rainbow Colours activity was conducted. Children came dressed up in rainbow colour clothes. They all were looking vibrant. Students participated in different activities where they matched the colour to different objects. They also made a beautiful rainbow sheet in their activity file. The whole experience provided an opportunity to practice and develop many aspects such as concentration, fine motor skills and team work.


Date : February 5,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

Children interact with their neighbourhood and are greatly affected by them. Knowing all about our surrounding is very important, not only for our knowledge but for safety purposes too. Hence, our pre-primary children participated in ‘Neighbourhood places’ activity on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The aim was to understand the places children go in their neighbourhood. A layout was created  in the school premises where through map reading they located different places they visit in the neighbourhood, like school, park, shopping mall, fire station etc. Students were very thrilled to move around to locate different places. Later the recapitulation was done with a small exercise in the class where they marked the places they visited.


Date : January 30,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Good personal hygiene and surrounding cleanliness is important for - health and social reasons. Inculcating the habit at an early age help in building a healthier & stronger future. Therefore, children of pre-primary participated in spic ‘n span activity on Thursday, 30 January 2020.The importance of bathing, brushing, trimming of nails & hair was explained to them. Keeping our surrounding clean like our home is also our responsibility. Hence knowing the use of different types of dustbin was also communicated to the children.


Date : January 28,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

Hope, Faith & Belief – the three words of life and living. When we begin with believing and walk by faith we will never lose hope. At MBS International School, we strongly believe that a strong & empathizing personality can be built from the foundation years only. Therefore instilling the importance of respect, equality, empathy, & self-belief was focused through this activity.




Date : January 23,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: NUR-VIII

The school campus was enthused with the spirit of Republic Day as the students celebrated Incredible India by painting their imagination on paper on January 23rd , 2019. Students from grades Nursery to VIII displayed their love for the country by making exquisite pictures that aptly depicted the wonderful diversity and striking features of India making it one of the most admired nations in the world.





Date : January 22,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Pre-Primary

Brown is the colour of Earth, Wood, Sand & Stones. Pre-primary children celebrated brown colour on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. They all came dressed up in brown colour clothes and also brought a brown object to show it to their peers. Children were excited to see the activity room turned into a village scene where colour brown was everywhere- the hut, soil, well & stones. Preschool children enjoyed being part of the group activity where they created interesting art work in the pictures of bear, rain deer & horse. Pre-primary children walked an extra length to understand the shades of colour brown.


Date : January 20,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: IX-XII

The students of MBS International School watched the live session of ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’, on January 20, 2020 , an interactive session held by the Honourable Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi on how to reduce exam stress. He urged the students, whom he hailed as ambassadors of change and innovation, to take exams as pleasure not pressure and develop stress-free attitude for exams. Young students who will all be soon appearing for their annual or board exams were given various tips and suggestions to combat stress experienced by them during exams. The students thoroughly enjoyed the live chat and were certainly inspired by his words.



Date : January 17,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool

Making learning fun and interesting for our pre-schoolers ‘World of Animals’ activity was conducted on Friday, January 17, 2020. Students were involved in an interactive flash card game, through which recapitulation of different types of animals was done. Children enthusiastically answered to the questions asked by the teacher which contributed in building their self-esteem and self-confidence.


Date : January 15,2020

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary 

MBS International School Sector-11, Dwarka celebrated Lohri & Makar Sankranti for classes Pre School & Pre Primary with great gusto and enthusiasm. The mood was upbeat and the children actively immersed in the festive spirit. They all were very excited & enjoyed dancing with the beats of dhol. Children were accompanied by their respective class teacher to the school grounds where a small bonfire was lit for Lohri Celebration. Popcorn , revari , groundnuts  were handed out to the great delight of the children. They also observed kite flying by one of our sports teacher to mark the celebration of Makar Sankrati. The surrounding was beaming with the sound of their cheering and laughter.
Festivals such as these help to spread good cheer and are welcomed by one and all. A nice way to welcome the New Year.

Date : December 27,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary 

Out Door games gives our students an opportunity to learn new things. It helps in their physical development, boosts their creativity, helps them acquire social skills & also helps in personality development. Children participated in teams and played cricket & soccer with their peer in our school playground. It was an amazing sight to see them handling bat with confidence also showing their balling techniques. Everyone became part of the cheering squad as the excitement was sky high.


Date : December 24,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary and Preschool

Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring.
Soaking in the spirit of Christmas tiny tots of Preschool & Preprimary celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on December 24, 2019.
The activity zone was beautifully decorated and everybody came wearing the red santa cap. The students sang melodious carols and danced beautifully. The significance of the festival was explained to the students through the Christmas story.
The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children.



Date : December 13,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Plants are the living things; they grow and give us many things. They follow a cyclic process of starting a new life, growing, and then coming back to the starting stage. Learning about how all this happens is a magical experience for the young minds. Their inquisitive minds are filled with lots of question as how does it all happen? Making this learning process fun filled for our pre-primary children, they were shown a puppet show on the life cycle of plant. The interactive session was enjoyable and full of learning.


Date : December 12,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade II

“Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond our limits”
Sports plays an important part in physical, motor and mental development of children. Aiming at the same, Concept Races were organized for the students of Grade –II on December 12, 2019 . Each race selected was based on concept learning and skills to be developed.It was really fun watching children racing in various manners with great zeal and excitement. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. The students mesmerized everyone present there with their energetic performances.It was a true sense of learning and growing with loads of fun.


Date : December 5,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool and Preprimary

Celebrating colours around us is another way of thanking Mother Nature for creating the world so beautiful. To make children aware about Purple Colour and how they add beauty to the things around us, they participated in different activities. Our tiny toddlers came beautifully dressed in purple colour party clothes. They enjoyed being part of the purple colour theme based party. Excitement and laughter filled the air and our surrounding was vibrant with colour purple. Preprimary child were introduced to the shades of the colour too. It was a special and enjoyable day for them.


Date : December 2,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade I & II

To promote imagination and inculcate confidence in students MBS International School organized X’Mas Decoration activity for the students of Grade I & II on December 3, 2019.Students participated with full zest and created bells, gifts and stars from origami sheets and decorated the Christmas tree with the same .They also decorated the cut outs of Santa Claus with decorative material.The activity enhanced the fine motor skills of the students. They enjoyed the activity and were appreciated for their creativity.


Date : November 28,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade Preschool & Preprimary

If you are ‘Fantastic’ then do something ‘Drastic’ to cut the ‘Plastic’
In order to lead a healthy life, it is our responsibility to create a cleaner environment. As we all understand the damage caused by usage of plastic, the little green crusader of our pre-primary wing took out a ‘Say No to Plastic’ Road Show (rally) on November 28, 2019. Holding banners with slogans that dissuaded the use of plastic, the surroundings echoed with the chanting of slogans – Say no to Plastic.
It was fascinating to see these little bundles of energy who created an impactful sight, strongly delivered the message.


Date : November 26,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade V

 The students worked on Scratch 2.0 for creating an animated programme by using different Blocks such as Motion Block, Looks Block, Sound Block, Pen Block, Control Block, Sensing Block etc. A number of different programmes were made and animations applied by the students.All the children participated with great zeal and zest in this Scratch activity.



Date : November 26,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade Preschool & Preprimary

‘Put Your Thinking Cap On’
Young minds need to be fostered with something that gives them an opportunity to think over. It is necessary that the young minds get ample of opportunities to think and develop. Riddles for kids are something that helps to improve their thinking ability and creativity. Riddles are fun and also provide an opportunity to learn. Hence our little geniuses of prechool & pre-primary participated in a quiz show. This provided them the opportunity to work in teams and recapitulated the concepts done in the class.



Date : November 21,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade Preschool & Preprimary

To acquaint the little buds of MBS International with the concept of Pink color, PINK DAY was celebrated on November 22, 2019. A plethora of hands-on activities was conducted to explore the color in objects around us, its identification, its formation and its aesthetic appeal. Children created flamingos and beautiful art work using pink color reinforcing the concept. It was a visual treat to witness the children as they shared the pink color objects, they had    brought with each other bubbling in enthusiasm and vigor.



Date : November 19,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

In an endeavor to familiarize the leaders of tomorrow with the rich cultural diversity of India and appreciate its oneness and uniqueness amidst varied traditions and geographical boundaries, the pre- primary children were presented a special performance depicting different states. The children applauded the performance and were mesmerized by the rich and varied culture of the country.




Date : November 11,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade V

The news is a great way to get students thinking about what is happening throughout the globe.MBS International School organized News Reporting Activity for the students of Grade V. The first round of the News Reporting was conducted amongst all the students of grade V,in their respective classrooms, through which ten students advanced to the final round.Students were instructed to bring the latest news update and speak in front of the audience with proper pronunciation and intonation. As the final round unfolded, the confidence of the students amazed the audience.All the participants were well prepared with remarkable speaking skill.The activity helped the students to articulate ideas more fluently.Overall it helped them to explore,engage, and develop a thorough understanding of the happenings around the world.The victors were applauded and praised for their capability by our judges.



Date : October 31,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

The tradition of Halloween started in the European countries during ancient times when the last evening of summer was celebrated as the day when people lit fires and dressed as ghosts believing that this would ward off evil spirits. MBS International School having a global approach celebrates international festivals with as much fervour as the Indian festivals which helps in fostering the feeling of universal brotherhood among children. Students of preschool and preprimary celebrated Halloween on October 31, 2019. They all came dressed up in Halloween costumes such as superheroes, fairies, witches and other interesting characters and went to different classes for playing trick and treat. Activity area was decorated in accordance with the theme. The day celebrated to mark the welcoming of good spirits and driving away of the bad spirits. There were very happy excited faces everywhere as children posed for photographs.



Date : October 23,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool & Preprimary

Colours are smiles of nature. Early identification of colours helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words which is an important part of a child’s holistic development. Students of preschool and preprimary celebrsted warmth and happiness related to Orange colour. Classes were decorated with orange colour objects and cut outs. Students & teachers were all dressed up in different shades of orange colour. It was indeed a visual treat to see the impact of the orange colour on our little angels. They brought many objects like orange ball, orange, marigold, orange toys and many other orange coloured objects. They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.



Date : October 21,2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool

Birds seem to be just about everywhere we look. Their cheerful chirping is one of our favorite things. Preschool children expanded the wings of their curiosity to learn about the world around them. A bird theme provides a great opportunity to step outside right into nature and learn about different birds. Teachers with the help of smart boards showed them different birds and the sounds they make. Children also participated in making a bird’s feeder which they placed in school’s garden.



Date : October 21,2019
Conducted By:Ms Parul Manav

Attended By: Grade 1

To empower the technical knowledge in the students’ MBS International School organised TUX Paint Activity on 21th Oct 2019, for the students of class I.
 The students worked on computer application TUX PAINT to open pre-installed pictures in TUX paint and fill colour using Magic tool. A number of pictures were coloured by students leaving their teacher amazed. The activity intensified visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding in the students. An amazing TUX Paint activity fostered technical knowledge & motor skills in the students. There was a photo session with the students.


Date : October 15,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool

To empower the technical knowledge in the students’ MBS International School organised MS Paint Activity on 15th Oct 2019, for the students of class II.
The students worked on computers MS PAINT to draw a Diwali scene using different tools such as curve tool, pencil tools, shapes tools, eraser tool, fill with colour tool. A number of creative and colourful Diwali scenes were made and decorated by students leaving their teacher amazed. The activity intensified visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding in the students. There was a photo session with the students.
All the children participated with great zeal and zest in this MS Paint activity. The painted Diwali scenes made were an enviable lot.


Date : October 10,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preschool

Flowers invigorate the senses by adding beauty, color, and wonderful smells to our lives. They can also brighten up a room or mood in an instant. Children learn best through hands-on exploration of the world around them. Hence our little bloomers of preschool went for a walk in our school’s garden on 10th October 2019, to experience the colourful world of flowers. It was a stimulating experience for them. To build their creative and aesthetic senses, they also participated in a group activity of creating a flower using marigold leaves. Teachers also showed them the life cycle of a flower on the smart board.



Date : October 9,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Nature provides great opportunity to learn more about animals, foster curiosity, and nurture children’s innate feelings of love and concern for these creatures. The topic of animals has always been a fascinating for them. Hence a day dedicated to love, empathy and care was celebrated by our preprimary children on 9 October 2019. Children looked adorable dressed up as different animals. They all participated in an interesting game of finding my partner.



Date : October 4,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

The tiny tots of MBS international school celebrated Dussehra, the festival of victory of good over evil, on October 4, 2019 in the school auditorium with great fervor and devotion. To instill the teachings of victory of good over evil children watched the dramatization/adaptation of Ramayan by the teachers of pre primary wing. The primary objective of the entire show was to make the students understand that no matter how intelligent a person is, his pride could be the reason of his collapse. They were also told about Ravana’s ten heads which are symbolic of his great wisdom. The celebration was to mark Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil and truth and dharma always wins in the end. Children were given a special take away craft to cherish this special day on their way back to home. Everyone seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss. The effigy of Ravana was also burnt to depict the victory of good over evil.


Date : October 1,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade I & II

The auspicious and one of the most popular Indian festival Dussehra, which signifies victory of good over evil was celebrated by organising a Dussehra Craft Activity for the students of class I and II on October 1,2019. Primary Coordinator supervised the event. The students avidly unveiled their creativity by executing colourful Ravana’s by using different coloured and glitter papers, sketchpens and decorative material. The activity fostered the potential of the hands on activities and great zeal and zest was reflected in those innumerable eyes.


Date : October 1,2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

“Armed with ‘non-violence’ and courage greater than any sword-bearing warrior, the Mahatma (great soul) captured the attention of the entire world.” – Daisaku Ikeda To honor such a great personality, children of preprimary wing participated in Gandhi March in the school premises, to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of the father of our nation. The man whose very name has become synonymous with peace, truth, equality and harmony. Children dressed up as the famous three wise monkeys and spread the message of –say no evil, hear no evil and see no evil. The corridors of our school resonated with the slogan-‘ vande mataram’. They also sang Gandhi ji’s favourite bhajan raghupati ragav raja ram.



Date : September 25, 2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary

In order to make children aware of uses of waste material, and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a ‘Best out of Waste’ activity was organized for students of preschool & preprimary. Children were made to understand that this activity is a great way to reduce the waste produced by your house and doing this is one of the best way to save our planet for future generation It was fun and a creative way to make children understand the importance of reusing thing in different interesting ways.



Date : September 24, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary

Months and days are intangible, hence making children learn about them becomes little tricky. Hence learning about months in relation with different seasons, festivals is an interesting way to go through this topic. Children of preprimary classes visited the tableau in the activity room which depicted different months in relation to its seasons. It was an interesting execution of the concept, which children enjoyed and learned.



Date : September 17, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

“To become a better you, remember to be grateful to people who have contributed in making you who you are today” Community Helpers are people who deliver a service that makes our lives easier. They remind us of how inter-connected our lives are. Role play is an interesting way to make our children understand & identify different role played by these community helper. Preschool children enjoyed enacting the role played by different community helper. It also helped them to learn to value them and instill respect for all professions.



Date : September 12, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

We all live in a society and are all bound to a neighborhood. Neighborhood is very important and it does definitely have an impact on what we are and how and where we live in. To understand the neighboring places preschool children experienced the dummy setup of neighboring places in our activity room. A park, a grocery store, hospital and a mall was depicted in the setup which made learning interesting and fun. as we all know Children can develop skills much faster when they’re having fun.



Date : September 11, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary & Preschool

Green Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the Pre Primary Wing on 11th September, 2019. The Preprimay & preschool students and teachers came to school dressed in pretty green attires and looked eco friendly.  The classrooms were beautifully decorated in green theme and all the green objects from a child’s immediate surroundings were brought to the class rooms. Many activities and games pertaining to green color were organized for the kids. Children brought green objects.
Bubbling with enthusiasm in their astonishing green costumes the little ones created a pleasant, harmonious and refreshing aura. The shades of green filled the air with freshness, thrill, ecstasy and bliss. It also prompted them to think how green colour energizes and revitalizes our lives. It was indeed an invigorating, reviving and rejuvenating experience….!!



Date : September 5, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary & Preschool

‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill love for learning’ 

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great joy and fervour at MBS International School. It is a day to show the teachers that they do a commendable service to the society and nation by educating the future of the country. Our tiny tots looked adorable dressed up as teachers. They enthusiastically took part in music, dance & frolic with their respective class teacher. This role playing was one of the USP of the Teachers’ Day celebration.


Date : September 4, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary 

Let's celebrate the work people do in our communities.  To make our toddlers understand the concept -Puppet show was organized by teachers to offer children an engaging way to interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world. They learn about the tools, uniforms, and tasks of a variety of community helpers. Students were able to identify the role and importance of community helpers.  They were also exposed to the emergency services numbers which is important for each of us to know.


Date : September 3, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Healthy children are better learners. 
Healthy eating habits are more likely to stay with us if we learn them as a child. That’s why it’s important to teach our children good habits now.To demonstrate ‘Eat Healthy Live Healthy’ preprimary D children performed dramatization to reinforce the habit of eating healthy food. Eating junk food like burger, wafers, pizza which is full of preservatives leads to poor concentration. Children eating junk food often lack concentration. Eat healthy, stay away from junk food, do exercise and stay fit should be the “Mantra” of life.


Date : August 29 & August 30, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

The National Sports Day is celebrated throughout India on 29 August, every year. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player who brought glory to the nation by winning three Olympic gold medals. This day highlights the need for sports and development of children in aspects beyond the classroom. Sports/play time is a significant aspect of a child’s life. Children need to be encouraged to play as much as possible, rather than spending time with smart devices. Children from preschool & preprimary classes participated in different fun filled races. The entire event turns out to be an amazing experience for the students, this event works as a medium to channelize the abundant energy in the right direction and help children discover their interests in outdoor activities. To instill and boost the confidence of the students, participation certificates were given to all students who participated in the event. and The winners were awarded with medals by our Vice Principal

Date : August 28, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Grade IX

"Yoga is not just repetition of a few postures, it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life."
When students learn about their bodies, nurture their minds, and develop the skills to take care of themselves and others, they are better prepared to succeed in school and in life.
MBS International School conducted Wellness Week to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to all the students. The week featured a variety of activities to help students practice new ways to take care of themselves. Yoga session was conducted on 28th August 2019. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried everyday. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind, body and soul. Students performed different yoga Asanas which helped in reducing stress, enhancing their mood and overall sense of well-being. Finally the session ended with Surya namaskar, Pranayama and meditation. 
It was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline.


Date : August 22 & August 27, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

Good table manners are important tools for social interaction that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Teaching children proper etiquette at mealtimes will help them learn to be polite and respectful. 
A restaurant set was created in the school’s activity room to impart a real life experience of visiting a restaurant and using proper silverware for lunch /dinner.They were greeted by the guard and escorted by the restaurant manager to their table. As they were the special guest of the restaurant, the chef too welcomed them into the restaurant. Children learned the usage of different silverware and mannerism of using them while eating. It was an exhilarating and good learning experience for our children.


Janamashtami Celebration

Date : August 23, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami was celebrated with preschool & preprimary children, at MBS International School on 23rd August, 2019 with mirth and joy. The life history of Lord Krishna was very beautifully depicted by colourful Jhankis. Children visited the tableau with their teachers. They were overjoyed to be the part of such a vibrant atmosphere. While going back to their classes they visited the small temple setup where child dressed up pandit ji gave candies as prasad, to celebrate the birth of lord krishna.

This holy occasion brings people together, thus signifying unity and faith



Date : August 13, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  GRADE II

To pay homage to our freedom fighters, MBS International School organized an activity “Strokes of Bravery” (Enactment) for the students of Grade II. To keep up the patriotic spirit and celebrate the bravery of our freedom fighters and their gift of freedom, students were adorned up in beautiful attires.Children participated with great fervor making full use of their costume and props. They showcased their talent through poems, slogans and enactment in an effectual way. The activity was quite fascinating which enthralled the students.




Date : August 13, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers


"Priceless thread, Rakhi is the epitome of love between brother & sister"

The festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. The Pre-Primary students of MBS International School celebrated this festival wholeheartedly.Students were familiarized with the customs and traditions followed on Raksha Bandhan. Girls selected rakhis from the rakhi stall set up and tied it on the wrist of their brothers in school. Children also did a Rakhi Making Activity.The celebration of this festival which signifies the beautiful family bond of trust and protection between a boy and a girl helped the students to nurture a healthy relationship amongst all at school- which is indeed a home away from home.



Date : August 8, 2019
Conducted By:Respective Teachers
Attended By: Preprimary & Preschool

“Let this special occasion of Eid adorn your life with the colors of happiness.”
School is a place where children are always learning new things about the world. Celebrations of all festivals in a school are one of the major activities which enable them to develop an awareness of the world around them. Its the participation in such occasions that helps the child develop a desire to understand the culture of others and respect them. 
MBS International School, Dwarka takes pride in celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals, and showcases unity in integrity through its programs. Eid was one such special festival that the school celebrated with its pre-primary students.Cute little children got dressed up in the traditional festive attire and were completely engrossed in the true spirit of the celebration. There were music and dance performances along with sweets distribution which the kids really relished and loved. Eid is a time to celebrate and share happiness and cherish your friends. All these values were seen in the students as they greeted each other with love and affection on this beautiful occasion.



Date : August 7, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: GRADE III

  • Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.”

MBS International School organized Character Portrayal Activity on 07 August’19 for the students of Grade III. Students came adorned up and enacted as the leader chosen. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and showed their alluring creative and speaking skills. Hence, they were enlightened about the leaders of the country and learnt the value of being independent. Students realized the sacrifices and great deeds of the freedom fighters and leaders.



Date : August 6, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: GRADE I & II

  • Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.”

MBS International School organized Tri Colour Activity on 06 August’19 for the students of Grade –I and II. Students learnt the value of being independent. Students realized the sacrifices and great deeds of the freedom fighters.The students made the most of this opportunity by actively participating in the origami activity. Students pasted the wings of Dove with green and orange colour origami sheet. They made a beautiful Tricolour Dove representing the symbol of Peace and Freedom.



Date : August 5, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

MBS International School, Dwarka keeps on concocting innovative techniques & styles with which learning could be more rewarding and interesting. So, in order to mix fun with learning Rainy Day was celebrated on August 5,2019 Monday.The students were involved in art and craft work. They created a rainy day scene in their art files by pasting cotton in the clouds, tearing and pasting in umbrella and creating raindrops with their finger impressions. The teachers showed a video on rainy season which included sound of thunderstorm, rain pouring, frog’s croak etc.Celebration of Rainy day makes the school environment light and mesmerizing for these unadulterated souls. Even the shyest student too will be friendly with everybody in such convenient and child-centered learning environment. At this tender age they should be made to experience nature and its benevolences in order to be lovely and affectionate human beings.



Date : August 2, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool 

Simon Says is one of the favourite games of every child. This makes it perfect example of learning with fun. Learning to follow direction, listening instructions carefully and comprehending it, leads to holistic development. Children enthusiastically participated in this game. This whole process of learning with fun will be every child’s favorite classroom memories.



Date : July 31, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

Identifying different colours is an integral part of every child’s growing up years. It is an important milestone in the process of acquiring cognitive skills. Therefore the activity to celebrate colours a day dedicated to blue colour was celebrated for Preschool and Preprimary Children.  To make this day special everyone was dressed up in Blue Colour Clothes. Preschool children were involved in different group activities related to blue colour. They also brought one blue colour object for show and tell.

Moving from identifying colours to the complexities of shades of the same colour such as light blue or dark blue Preprimary children learned the shades of blue through the shades pyramid.



Date : July 29, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin
Coming out of classroom education, Pre-Primary students of MBS International School, Dwarka were taken for an excursion to Reliance Mart on 29th July 2019. The visit was made as a reinforcement of the theme ‘Fruits & Vegetables’.They were mesmerized as they experienced the nature’s bounty and successfully identified some exotic fruits and vegetables.It was demonstrated to them how things are bought, billed and paid for.  It was a fun learning experience for each child. The trip was enjoyable and the children came back to school with fond memories of the departmental stores. They also enjoyed chocolates which were given by the staff of Reliance Fresh.




Date : July 22, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

Playing comes naturally to children. Using play we can make them learn many concepts easily. Hence learning by playing leaves an everlasting impact on a child’s mind. Therefore, to recapitulate Hindi Swar, children participated in an interactive floor game, where teachers encouraged them to identify the swar she is calling, by jumping on it and matching it with related words.



Date : July 18, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

Think brushing teeth can’t be fun? Think again! Fun and interactive activities can make brushing an interesting experience. Through our experiential learning process children were given a hand-on experience. Teachers made a model of teeth which was brushed by children. They learned the importance of brushing and the right way of cleaning our tooth.

Learning by doing has an everlasting impression. Hence this activity made a lasting impression and encouraged children to follow a healthy regime.



Date : July 16, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

Understanding appropriate greeting words is an important learning milestone. For preschool children time expression can only be taught though different activity as reading a watch is a difficult at this time. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night takes us through the whole day. With flash cards demonstration, teachers made learning time of the day a fun filled activity. Children enthusiastically participated and sung songs with teachers.




Date : July 12, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

Magic words are words of power which have a specific, and sometimes unintended, effect. Thankyou, Sorry, Please, Welcome, Excuse Me These words are an important part of good manners. Using them appropriately will make us polite and socially acceptable. Emphasizing on using these words will create humble and grateful human beings. Hence, the activity of Magic of Magic Words displayed the importance of using these words. Teachers depicted a story of a wishing tree which only grants wish if you use magic words. Children enjoyed the dramatization and understood the importance of using Magic Words.



Date : July 10, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Class I and II

“A Healthy Body means a Healthy Life.
In order to encourage healthy eating habit, MBS International School organised sprout salad and Lemonade making  activity on July 10,2019 for the students of Grade I & II. Children brought sprouts with chopped onion, cucumber and tomato and prepared the salad by sprinkling chaat masala in it.The children were also demonstrated how to prepare “Lemonade” by stirring sugar in the water and then squeezing lemon into it. To enhance the taste, shikanji masala was also added into it. Later on, this instant and healthy salad and lemonade was relished by all the children. It gave the students a hands-on experience of making a glass of lemonade and salad. The idea behind this activity was to make the little ones understand the importance of drinking natural drinks in summers rather than artificial beverages available in the market .


Date : July 10, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary

Colours are indeed smiles of nature.
To reinforce red colour, a day dedicated to red colour was celebrated in school.The ‘Red Day’ celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to understand the concept of Red colour and related objects. To mark this day special, students and the teachers were dressed in red clothes. Classes were decorated with different red colour objects.In Pre-primary classes children were also given the introduction of different shades of red, like light red, medium red and dark red. They prepared a shade card and pasted in their art file.



Date : July 8, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary

Magic tricks are a source of great curiosity and fun.  Children love magic. It's a key ingredient of childhood.  Hence, a magic show organized at our school creating a wonderful memory of their growing up years. It was a fun day for Preschool, Pre-primary and class I children. They were much amazed by the chanting magic words used by the magician. He performed many tricks and illusions that made children glued to their seats. He also made children part of his tricks by inviting them on stage. All of them could not stop clapping as he unfolds his tricks one by one. The show was a great success and children enjoyed it very much.



Date : May 17, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

Venue : Dance Room

Ice cream is loved by everyone be it be any age group. It was a closing party theme for our kindergartners.

Therefore, to make the last working day before summer vacation not only enjoyable but memorable, we at MBS International School organized an Ice cream Party.

Children of preschool and preprimary participated in a lot of fun filled activities throughout the day. They all decorated the ice cream cut out, played fun filled game - Toss the ball in the hole, at photo booth corner they got themselves clicked and also enjoyed at the ice cream station.
Best way to end the day was having an ice cream, taking it directly from the ice cream seller. The Ice cream seller with his Ice cream cart was stationed in school to make the day more enjoyable.



Date : May 7, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool & Preprimary

Venue : Respective Classrooms

Colouring plays an important role in child’s development. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills; proper hand eye coordination, correct finger grip and child develops a sense of pride and achievement.

Besides day to day colouring activities in the classes, we had a dedicated creative strokes session for all our children. They were given individual worksheet to show their creativity with different colours. The praise and acknowledgement by the teacher made them feel special.


Date : May 3, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool 

Venue : Dance Room


Date : May 1, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool to Grade VII

Venue : School Auditorium

“From the field to field and desk to desk, your hard work is what makes the Nation best”
At MBS International School, we ensure that our children grow up to be empathetic human beings who are high on emotional quotient. To inculcate respect for all the members of society and value them for the contribution they make.
The young MBSians expressed their gratitude towards the school support staff and reiterated the fact that their contribution is an important aspect of our life. They gave beautiful handmade cards to nannies, guards etc which touched the heart of everyone. The School Management also accorded gifts to the supporting staff.



Date : April 26, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary & Preschool

Venue : School Auditorium

God can’t be present everywhere that is why He created “mother”.
Mother’s Day is a special day, for all the children and mothers, as it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family. Without whom our world does not seem to be working smoothly.
To express our respect and love towards our mother and to acknowledge her efforts in our life, Mother’s Day was celebrated. Children were shown dramatization on Mother’s Day in the auditorium. Through this dramatization they were made to understand the efforts their mother is putting in every day and how they can help their mother.



Date : April 22, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary & Preschool

Venue : School Playground

Earth Day is the day that reminds us to continue to do little things that help to keep our environment clean and livable. Things like turning off electrical equipments when not in use, using tap water efficiently, fixing leakages, planting more trees etc. were explained to the children & they were also shown a presentation on Earth Day in their respective classes emphasizing on the fact to celebrate everyday as an Earth Day. Children actively participated in planting a sapling in the school garden.



Date : April 18, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preschool

Venue : Respective Classrooms


Date : April 15, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  I & II


To brighten the day of the students MBS International School organized
“Fun Races competition” for the students of grade – I and II on 15th April 2019. Students were given the platform to explore their hidden sports interest and present themselves  in front of everyone confidently.The students participated actively and followed the race pattern . The winners were chosen and appreciated.The students showcased their talent and zest for physical fitness with their energetic participation which left judges spellbound. Primary Co-ordinator and  Sports teacher adjudged the aforesaid event.


Date : April 12, 2019

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  Preprimary & Preschool

Venue : Dance Room

The new academic session of MBS International School started will great zeal and enthusiasm.Children of Preschool & Preprimary latched on Move ‘n Mingle Party. This party was organized to make children comfortable with the environment and to encourage them to fuse and unite well with their peer group and teachers.


Day/Date : 4th & 5th October 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By:  I & II

Venue : School Playground

 “Sports is the greatest physical poetry and music with rhythmic beats.” MBS International School organized Fun Races for Grade Nursery -II students on Friday, October 5, 2018. The theme for the Fun Races was ‘Clean India Green India”. Students were motivated and inspired to Run For Fun.  They were energetic, high spirited and avidly waited for their turns. All students participated with great enthusiasm. They were super excited with all the fun that came along with running the different races. 
 They understood the concept of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and learnt to keep their surroundings clean.
MOVIE SHOW (Gandhi Jayanti)

Day/Date : 1st  October 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Venue : School Auditorium

MBS International School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation-Mahatma Gandhi. Our little MBSians celebrated Bapu’s birthday in school a day prior to, on 1st October,2018 with great zeal & enthusiasm. 
The children were shown a movie on the life of “Bapu”. They were also told that the United Nations also celebrates October 2 as the International Day of non-violence to honour Gandhiji’s belief in peace & non-violence. The tiny-tots of MBS were encouraged to think about the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, analyze the importance & to understand the value of freedom.
Back in the class the children were acquainted with Gandhiji’s image again and the day closed with Gandhiji’s favourite song “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” resonating in the air.


Day/Date : 19th September 2018

Conducted By: Respective Teachers

Attended By:  I - II

Venue : School Auditorium

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Dance is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the world’s rich diversity and enable them to teach the enjoyment of dance, music, and rhythm. It also provides opportunities for socialization, essence of teamwork and room for self expression. It improves self esteem. With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, an Inter class Dance Competition was organized by MBS International School, Dwarka for students of classes I to III in the school auditorium on 19 Sept. 2018 The theme of the competition was ‘Songs for Children’ for grade one ‘Folk Songs’ for grade two and ‘Hip Hop’ for grade three. The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The fun filled extravaganza offered different dance forms .The spectators bore witness to the enthusiasm and energy of the young MBSians as they enthralled everyone with their performances. All the classes performed wonderfully with great zeal and enthusiasm. The audience enjoyed every moment of the programme. The spectators highly complimented the efforts put in by all the participants. Through dance the children explored their ability to dance. In the closely contested competition, Grade I-A, Grade II-D, Grade III-A claimed 1st position, Grade I-B, II-A, III-B won 2nd position. It was indeed a spectacular show and a memorable one too.

Day/Date : 29th  Aug 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Venue : Respective Classrooms

The English Rhyme Recitation competition of nursery and kindergarten students was held on August 29, 2018 at MBS International School. The competition proved to be an instrumental stepping stone for young children to develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. One could see and feel the ardor that the children had in their presentation. The enthusiastic participants intonated the rhymes with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.


Day/Date : 24th  Aug 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: NUR-KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the abiding and immaculate bond of love between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan celebration was celebrated for the tiny tots of MBS International School on August 25, 2018 (Friday). The teacher explained the significance of the festival in their respected classes while the excited girls tied the auspicious thread (Rakhi) around wrist of the boys who gave sweets and chocolates in exchange. The message of love and affection was spread in the air. The school not only succeeded in catalyzing the feeling of love, care, and affection but also taught students about our rituals and tradition.


Day/Date : 2nd Aug 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: NUR-KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

Character Dramatization Competition on theme cartoon character was held for the students of preprimary of MBS International School on August 2, 2018. Children donned up in their favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Bheem, doremon etc. Students participated in this event and show cased their talent. They orate about the character they displayed. The passionate enactment was lauded. The objectives of enhancement of elocution skills with zestful confidence were achieved.


Day/Date : 1st Aug 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: I-III

Venue : Respective Classrooms

A mesmerizing ‘Character Dramatization Activity’ was organized for the student of grade I,II and III. The theme for which was ‘Freedom Fighters.’ Students of classes I,II,III were dressed up like freedom fighters and demonstrated their characters with the famous dialects of the character displayed. Their enthusiasm and zestful dramatization  left everyone spellbound. It started a burst of patriotism amongst children.


Day/Date : 13th July 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: NUR-KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust had a very positive impact on tiny tots bringing in harmony and brotherhood. 

Little tiny tots of nursery of MBS International School celebrated blue colour day on July 13, 2018. The significance of blue colour was reiterated through a series of activities.

Teachers and students were dressed in different shades and hues of blue colour.

Students actively participated in interesting theme-based games. Blue Colour, which is a symbol of life, was explained to the little ones in a play way manner. Everything from the costumes of students to objects placed in the room was in blue.

Children enjoyed the activity with immense enthusiasm and zeal.


Day/Date : 6th July 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

The English Rhyme Recitation of kindergarten was held on 06-07-2018.

As we all know beauty is the realm of the poetry,the children enjoy the beauty of expression,thoughts,feelings,rhythm and music of words.Taking all these facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.The children were given variant topics for their recitation like nature,helpers,body parts,fruits,vegetables,animals etc and recited poems with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.


Day/Date : 8th May 2018 - 11th May 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: NUR-KG

Venue : School Playground

‘Splash, splash everywhere puddles of water here and there.’

Water play is an inevitable part of pre-school curriculum as it helps in gross motor development, eye hand co-ordination and also helps in vocabulary development.

The little ones of Pre-primary of MBS International School in May, 2018, welcomed the showers of rain with their first pool activity. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful swim suits the children thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys.

This is a great activity to indulge in, as it helps to strengthen the child’s body balance, muscle strength, coordination, and boosts social growth as children get an opportunity to interact with one another in fun.


Day/Date :3rd and 4th May 2018

Conducted By: Activity Teachers

Attended By: III-IX

Venue : Auditorium

Music and Dance binds soul,hearts, emotions and relaxes the mind.

Cultural bonanza- a music & dance fest was a confluence of talent , confidence and gait which invited massive participation students.

The fest began with Solo Dance Contestents who enthralled the audience with their well choreographed performances themed on classical celebration of culture, where solo-singing competition was a treat to the ears, as melodious reverberations of our budding singers echoed in the portals of the school. The mellifluous tones of Indian and western songs were truly motivational and inspiring .

The solo instrumental competition was musical extravaganza of talent and creativity as our young maestros played string as well as percussion instruments with ease and perfection. They were highly appreciated for their tunes and beats on keyboard, guitar,congo, harmonium ,table and drums.

The fest was indeed a display of talent, creativity and originality .


Day/Date :Wednesday,2nd May 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Grade I-III

Venue : Respective Classrooms

MBS, Primary Wing organized Show and Tell Activity (Topic My Favourite Toy))on 2nd May 2018 for the students of Grade –I to III to strengthen their elocution skills with aplomb. It enabled them to foster their descriptive skills by procuring their imagination. Students excitedly shared their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their presentation. Thus, this event helped our students to strengthen their social, emotional and language skills. The inspiring presentation left no stone unturned to achieve a realistic appraisal of their skills and to discover the power of spoken words. It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the students sharing their feelings amongst their peer which provided fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved.


Day/Date :Wednesday,2nd May 2018

Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers

Attended By: Grade NUR -KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

OH! What a beautiful way to express something through innocent words and actions in a melody with all smiles and giggles.This is what our all tiny elucators of nursery and KG recited on 2-05-18 with all their confidence and curiousity to stand infront of everybody and say it loudly to make their presence felt.One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the children had in their presentation and the willingness of even those who were sitting among the audience to come and recite variety of interesting rhymes .


Day/Date :Friday,27th April 2018

Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers

Attended By: Grade KG

Venue : Respective Classrooms

Self – Introduction activity was organised for the K.G students on 27-04-2018.The objective of this activity was to develop their public speaking skills.Some of the participants spoke very confidently.Others were motivated by them and tried their level best.The childen felt on top of the world when they spoke about  their school,family and hobbies.Their attempt to hold the mike developed their socio-emotional skills as well.The young educators of MBS were recognised and admired.


Day/Date :Monday,16th April 2018

Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers

Attended By: Grade NUR

A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for teaching of students under the direction of teachers.In order to make children familiar with their school campus,the young MBSians of kindergarten were taken for campus visit.They were shown the school library to develop love for books from an early age.A seprate indoor play area provides a safe atmosphere for our young students.Educational toys,puzzles,blocks are kept are kept for the children to enjoy their kindergarten years and to develop their potential through play way method.A multipurpose auditorium with wireless connection which is used for all major school functions were shown to the children.Last but not the Least they were taken to the school wellness zone where students undergo a regular medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child.


Day/Date :Friday,13th April 2018

Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers

Attended By: Classes NUR& KG

Venue : AV Room

The pre primary wing of MBS International School organized a puppet show and story telling session for our tiny tots.

Teacher enacted the story with the help of puppets to make it a attractive tool for learning.Story telling helps children develop linguistic skills,enhance listening skills and improves thinking and comprehension.


Day/Date :Friday,13th April 2018

Conducted By: Class Teachers of Grade I-V

Attended By: Classes I-V

Venue : Respective Classes

In the busyness of everyday life, it is important that we take the time to nurture ourselves and those around us. Celebrating health and wellness is not just about one day or one week. Wellness Week is about showcasing schools’ accomplishments in creating health promoting environments throughout the year. MBS International School Celebrated Wellness Week- a wide initiative to focus on student health and wellness. Healthy students learn better! This week we focused on mental health, nutrition, and physical activity. Be prepared to de-stress, breathe, eat your fruits and veggies, and move your body. Feel good and live well during Wellness Week and every day! There was different activity for each grade. Students of grade I shared their views about their favorite fruits and vegetables in Public Speaking Activity, striking to the habit of healthy eating. Students of grade II were shown a presentation on Food and Nutrition and a quiz session was also organized for them in which they participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students of grade III made and presented healthy salads. Students of grade IV excitedly wrote slogans to promote good health. Students of grade V were enthralled to make healthy and refreshing mock tails. These activities helped students to exhibit their culinary skills and also inculcated the spirit of healthy eating and sharing.


Day/Date :Thursday,12th April 2018

Conducted By: Dr. Pankaj Pahwa and Dr. Anjali Pahwa

Attended By: Primary Students

Venue : School Auditorium

MBS International School, association with Dental Vison organized a free dental check-up and awareness camp in the school premises.

Dr. Pankaj Pahwa and Dr. Anjali Pahwa carried out a comprehensive dental check-up of our little MBSIANS.

The camp included dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent them.  The students were told about proper brushing techniques, the eating patterns and food choice which cause tooth decay.

On completion of the dental checkup students were provided a patent card, a report summary of the diagnosed problem and recommended dental development plan.


Day/Date :Wednesday,11th April 2018  
Conducted By: Respective English Teachers
Attended By: Class I -III
Venue : Respective Classrooms

Day/Date :Wednesday,11th April 2018  
Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers
Attended By: Classes NUR and KG
Venue : Dance Room

Our ancestors painted walls of cave with pictures of dancers.Even young children instinctively jig in time to music.”Dancing makes you feel good because it makes you feel alive”. Dancing along to music even for five minutes can improve happiness and improve creative thinking.So to boost up all these in our young crescendos Free Dance Activity was conducted for K.G STUDENTS.Through this activity their confidence and social skills were boosted.


Day/Date :Wednesday,11th April 2018  
Conducted By: Sports Department
Attended By: Classes VI- VIII
Venue : School Ground

The school organised a Yoga session for class 6th to 8th on Wednesday, 11th April 2018,in which, the students got an envious opportunity to learn and practice the ancient  form of exercise.The instructor Ms. RITU CHAUHAN enumerated on the edifying nature of the sacred yoga for the Body, Mind and Soul, helping us to have a fulfilling life, strengthening our  relationship with each otheras well as with the nature.The intellectual aspect of Yoga was taught to the students through chants, meditation and relaxation techniques like the following asanas.

1. Surya Namaskar


3.Ardha Chakrasana



6.Pavan Muktasana


The session was truly invigorating and relaxing to the mind, soul and body.


Day/Date :Wednesday,11th April 2018  
Conducted By: Dr. Rajeshwari Malik 
Attended By: Class IX and X
Venue : School Auditorium

“Time isn’t the main thing it is the only thing”. Keeping this view in mind, MBS International School organized a talk on “TIME AND STRESS MANAGEMENT” by Dr. Rajeshwari Malik on 11th April’2018 for classes IX & X. The main aim of the workshop was to teach children the importance of time management and how that helps in reducing stress. Children were explained about the different issues they would face if they don’t manage their time effectively. Tips for managing time were explained to the children like how setting of goals is important for them but these goals shouldn’t be vague. Overall the session was very interactive and knowledgable for the children.


Day/Date :Tuesday,10th April 2018  

Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers 

Attended By: NUR-KG

Venue : 3D LAB


Day/Date :Tuesday,10th April 2018  

Conducted By: Ms Nikita Kathuria 

Attended By: Class VII and VIII

Venue : School Auditorium

Now - a- days everybody is concerned more about their physical wellbeing and therefore tend to neglect their emotional and mental wellbeing which in turn may lead to some serious mental health issues for children. Keeping this in mind Ms. NIKITA KATHURIA, Counselor MBS International School conducted a workshop for students of classes VII & VIII on the topic mental and emotional wellbeing. The main aim of the workshop was to make the children understand the importance of keeping good emotional and mental health. The workshop began with an activity, based on a situation to express and identify the reaction of the child. The activity analyzed their reaction and the emotions they exhibit to the situation and its repercussions on them. The workshop focused on the idea that when your mind is frazzled and stressed, and your emotions are taking over your thoughts and affecting your everyday activities, it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. Their happiness goes a long way in protecting their overall wellbeing. Mental health is a person’s overall emotional, psychological and social wellbeing including how a person thinks, feel and acts. The children were taught about the importance of keeping good mental health to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. The resource person stressed on the importance of positive attitude and appraised that if the negative feelings become extreme it can hamper a person’s mental health leading to anxiety or depression. Therefore in order to have a sound emotional and mental health an individual should think before reacting and he/she should try and take a more positive view of the situation and should remain calm and might as well indulge in some other activity or self-talk which would help him divert his mind.



Day/Date :Tuesday,10th April 2018  
Conducted By: Dr. S.K.Sangwan 
Attended By: Class IX and X
Venue : School Auditorium

MBS International School believes in providing opportunities to the students to help discover their latent talents and aptitudes. The school organized a workshop on 10th April’2018 for classes IX and X wherein the resource person, Dr. S.K Sangwan discussed about the importance of healthy living. The interactive session with the students was educative and enlightening, as it focused on the importance of good health for children. The session also dealt with the importance of discipline and punctuality in the life of a child.


Day/Date :Monday,9th April 2018  
Conducted By: Pre Primary Teachers
Attended By: Class NUR
Venue : Dance Room

Welcome party was organized for our little tiny tots of nursery class on April 9, 2018 in MBS International School. Children relished the snacks and learnt sharing with their peers. They had gala time throughout the party.


Day/Date : 29th  Aug 2018

Conducted By:Respective Teachers

Attended By: Preprimary

Venue : Respective Classrooms

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