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The academic year is divided into three terms and each assessment report is based on the continuous evaluation based on

  • Class activities
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments

Evaluation- I    April - August

Evaluation -II    September - December

Evaluation -III    January – March

A. Scholastic Areas

  •      Language (English/Hindi): In languages, a pupil will be assessed in the following domains:

                1. Reading Skills: Pronunciation, Fluency, Comprehension 

                2. Writing Skills: Creative writing, Handwriting, Grammar, Spellings, Vocabulary

                3. Speaking Skills: Conversation, Recitation 

                4. Listening Skills: Comprehension

  •     Mathematics: Concept, Activity, Tables and Mental Ability    
  •     Environmental Science: Concept, Activity/Project, Group discussion and Environmental sensitivity

B. Co-Scholastic Activities: For the holistic development of the student, co-curricular activities in the  following areas will be carried out:

     (a)      Art / Craft: Interest, Creativity and Skill

     (b)     Games: Enthusiasm, Discipline, Team spirit and Talent

     (c)     Music: Interest, Rhythm and Melody

     (d)     Dance: Interest, Rhythm and Melody

     (e)    Theatre

     (f)     Computer Science

Grading of Co-Scholastic Activities will be done in each Evaluation Cycle.

Personality Development: Personal and Social Traits of the students will be assessed on the basis of factors like courteousness, confidence, care of belongings, neatness, regularity and punctuality, initiative, sharing and caring, respect for other’s property, self-control. Grading of Personality Development will be done in each Evaluation Cycle. 

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