Class VII B- Shaila 
"Our student Shaila of Class 7th B is expressing  her views about e-learning. Let's listen to her..."

Class VIII B- Muskan Pathak:
"Our children never fail to motivate us. Muskan Pathak of class 8th B is sharing her experience" 

Class VIII B- Saanvi
Let's listen to what Saanvi of class 8th B has to say about e-learning and how to keep ourselves productive even during the time of crisis.

Class V- Deeya Bisht
'Little minds at work'.. Listen to this amazing narrative of this young prodigy as she enumerates the benefits of home schooling and shares her joys of participating in the educative competitive activities that the school is providing. 

Watch "Impression of the school on a young mind, hear it to believe it from Devansh Arora class VII C" on YouTube

"Our student Simone Ghai of class 9th A is expressing her educational experience"

Understanding the need of the hour MBS International School organised a webinar on coping with stress. Let’s hear what our student has to say about it.



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