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SESSION 2018-19

A ‘Kavi Samelan’ was organized on November 22, 2018 to commemorate Ekta Week Celebrations. The event witnessed participation of seventy six students from Class IX. The event commenced with the sacred  chanting of gayatri mantra by Samriddhi, Tanishka, Diksha and Sanyukta, followed by mellifluous rendition of gurubani by Vansheel, Sarbani and Sakshi which permeated the environment to create a sense of enlightenment in students. The students then took enthused participation in rendition of famous poems of classic poets like Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Shri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar etc. in the presence of teachers Mr. Satpal Singh and Ms Pushpa Singh. A literary accomplishment indeed!

Women's Day
‘There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women’ MBS International School celebrated ‘Women  Empowerment’ on November 22, 2018. The students of Grade VIII witnessed a short movie “Fattu” which highlighted the importance of empowering women, crucial for the development of the country as gender equality is a pre-requisite for progress. The movie reiterated the rights of a women that she must enjoy be it, personal, social, political, economic, judicial etc. This activity was very fruitful and informative as it signified and celebrated the ‘concept of equality’.


As rightly said A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. Keeping this quote in mind students of MBS International school of Grade VI conducted a cultural activity on Thursday, November 22,2018. In this activity Kanak Verma enacted as an interviewer. She interviewed the students representing the different states of the India like- Punjab, Gujarat, Himachal, Assam and Kerala. By this activity students came to know about the food habits, lifestyle, dress, festivals of different cultures. This activity was very fruitful and informative for the students as it enhanced the knowledge of the students and made them spellbound to know that India being a culturally diverse country is still United. 


(29th OCTOBER-3rd NOVEMBER 2018)
Keeping in mind the endeavour to promote transparency, accountability and integrity in public, MBS International School, Sector 11, Dwarka observed Vigilance Awareness Week from 29th October, 2018 to 3rd November, 2018 to encourage the fight against corruption.. The suggested participatory activities were undertaken during the fortnight on the theme given that is ‘Eradicate Corruption-Build a New India’. 
The drive began with administering the Integrity Pledge, by the whole school in the Morning Assembly on 29th October, 2018(Monday). A brief introduction on the Theme: Eradicate Corruption: Build a New India was given to the students. Students and staff   were encouraged to take e-pledge by visiting Central Vigilance Commission’s website different participatory activities were conducted for classes VI to XI as per the planned schedule.
Quiz, Debate,  Poster Making, Slogan and Essay writing competition on the theme  were conducted for classes VI to XI, ensuring maximum participation by the students. Letter writing activity was conducted by the language teachers in every class. The students were asked to write letter to their parents, mentioning their experiences regarding the drive and their expectations from their parents regarding the mission. For inculcating greater awareness on vigilance in public life, a workshop was organised for the students of classes XI and XII, where the students enthusiastically voiced their opinion on "Corruption".  A special emphasis on ‘Ethics and integrity during examination’ was discussed among the students of classes XI and XII to ensure that the ethical values are ingrained permanently in the minds of the young generation.




MBS International School celebrated “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas" - National Unity Day  on  October 31, 2018,the 142nd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a mark of tribute to the efforts made by the country’s first Home Minister to unite India. A special morning assembly was organized. The programme started with the introduction extended by a teacher followed by a speech delivered by Ansh Sharma of Class X on History and the role of Sardar Patel in the freedom struggle to establish a harmonious society.

a. The school choir also presented a patriotic song on National Unity.

b. Approximately 200 students from Class VI and VII participated in a Marathon.

c. A collaborative pledge on Peace and Solidarity was administered by the teachers and the students.



MBS International School, Dwarka is observing World Malaria Day (April 25, 2018) fortnight in order to spread awareness regarding anti-malaria strategies. World Health Organization’s theme for World Malaria Day is ‘Ready to Beat Malaria’. As a part of the action plan for the same, a workshop was conducted on the above mentioned theme for the students of classes VIII, IX and X in the school auditorium on May 04, 2018 in the 7th and 8th periods. The workshop was taken by the biology teacher where the principles behind the infectious cycle of the malarial parasite were explained to the students with the help of animated videos. The students were made aware about the history of malaria, its causative agent, and role of the Anopheles mosquito in malaria transmission, symptoms associated and the pathogenesis involved. A documentary involving UNICEF’S role in creating malaria free zones in tropical countries was also shown to the students. Various risk factors favourable for breeding of Anopheles mosquito were discussed and control strategies were explained. It was an interactive session wherein students got to learn more about the disease and its spread and were made aware of the risks involved. A range of anti-malaria products were discussed and the workshop ended with the realization, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.



SESSION 2017-18

PARIKSHA PAR CHARCHA (February 16,2018)

The students of MBS International School watched the live session of ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’, an interactive session held by the honorable Prime Minister, Sh. Narendar Modi on how to reduce exam stress. The event was held in Talkatora Indoor Stadium on 16th February,2018 and was telecast live on Doordarshan. A total of 183 students from grades VI to IX attended the session along with 45 teachers. The P.M. told students that ‘he is their friend’ during his 'Pariksha Par Charcha' address and that though he is there to speak on Exam Stress, it is also his “Examination Day”. He urged the students, who he hailed as ambassadors of change and innovation, to take exams as pleasure not pressure. He said that there was an urgent need to develop stress-free attitude to exams. The P.M answered the various questions put by students present there as well as across the country through video conferencing and social media. Young students were given various tips and suggestions to combat stress experienced by them during exams. “Results and Marks are by-products of exams, one must concentrate on giving their best” was advised by him to the students who will all be soon appearing for their annual or board exams. The MBSians were in full praise for the calm and patient manner in which the P.M answered the students’ queries. They thoroughly enjoyed the live chat and were certainly inspired by his words. A counselling session on the same issue held previously in the school strengthened the idea.


Special Assembly: Anti-Tobacco Awareness (February 5, 2018)

A special assembly was conducted on February 5, 2018 to sensitize the students about the Anti-Tobacco awareness.  The students of class XI B organized the special assembly including a speech, display and recitation of Anti-tobacco awareness slogans. The Biology teacher enlightened the students by explaining the significance of prevention of smoking among teenagers. The speech included the reasons for tobacco addiction among the teenagers, the biological implications of tobacco use and preventive measures for the same. Principal Sir addressed the assembly, emphasizing the role of teenagers in bringing out a change in the society regarding tobacco consumption.  On being encouraged by the Principal Sir, one of the students of class VIII B shared his views on the practice of smoking in the society and inspired his fellow mates to discourage active as well as passive smoking. Display board was also prepared, highlighting the key issues related to the practice of smoking and tobacco consumption. The assembly ended with the sensitized students and teachers, pledging not to use tobacco in any form and discouraging the use of the same by others.



Matribhasha Diwas (Mother Tongue) was celebrated on February 21,2018, to celebrate the significance of mother tongue, which not only fosters development, but promote a sustainable future for all communities. Students depicted the importance of mother tongue through the portrayal of a skit, highlighting the rich linguistic diversity prevalent in our country. The theme enumerated that mother tongue reflects the rich culture and values of a locality, and hence should be safely guarded.



6 September: “The clean person is not the one who runs away from dirt but one who takes the time and effort to tidy - up a dirty environment” MBS Celebrating Swachhta Pakhwada (1st September - 15th September).

8 September: Poster Making Competition: “Poster making is a creative process and requires exceptional skills, talent and lots of hard work. Students participated with full zeal and reflected their creative ideas about maintaining hygiene and also making the environment clean and green”



“Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life”-Robert Louis Stevenson

MBS International School celebrated Library Week between 9th and 15th September, 2019. Library week celebration proved to be an augment to foster the reading habits among the students. The students were suggested to start with newspaper reading by starting reading sessions in classroom and by maintaining class library. The School library which was the venue for most of the activities saw the participation of students from classes I to XII.  Alluring work of art in the form of bookmarks by classes I and II and pictures of characters from books painted by students as book covers, festooned the library. The students were stimulated and elevated with these activities. The students of classes VII and VIII wrote about their favourite authors. Narrate a Story was conducted for the students of class II. They showcased their talents and unfolded their stories using hand puppets. Poem Recitation Activity was organized for the students of grade III. The students listened with rapt attention which aroused excitement and curiosity among the students. The students of grade V displayed their favorite authors by character dramatization of chosen character of their writings. Costume, use of different props and of course their dialogues and adventure in the script made the competition very interesting.The students enjoyed browsing through books in the library. The library week proved to be a perfect amalgamation of learning and fun. The Library Week was a great learning experience for all of us at School. It not only engaged us in several fun-filled activities, but also reminded us that books are indeed a man’s best friend!




“Yoga is the Journey of the Self through the Self, to the Self”

Healthy mind resides in a Healthy body.MBS International School encourages mental and physical fitness and in one such endeavour in that direction is the active celebration of the International Yoga Day on June 21, 2019.Not only the teaching and non-teaching staff but also the helper staff of MBS International School performed various yoga asanas and breathing exercises under the guidance of yoga instructor. These asanas were taught to nourish mind, body and soul and to bring holistic approach to health through yoga.

As a part of celebration of International Yoga Day, Slogan writing, Drawing and  Essay writing competitions were conducted in primary and senior classes.It was altogether a rejuvenating experience for all the participants.





The School conducted Slogan writing Competition on May 18, 2020, themed on ‘Live healthy and say no to tobacco’. The purpose of this activity was to provide the scientific knowledge on health and tobacco labelling, to study the impact of the existing textual and pictorial warnings . Students were also made aware about the control policies which have been implemented as health promotion actions. Slogan writing Competition was also conducted on April 22, 2020 themed on‘ Live healthy and say no to tobacco’. The event helped the students of Grade VI to VIII to infuse creativity on paper,spreading awareness regarding the injurious and deadly impact of smoking and to keep environment healthy.



Setting out towards a common goal along with CBSE initiative of spreading awareness on the vector borne diseases, MBS International School organised a poster making competition for Classes IV and V and a slogan writing competition for Classes VI to VIII in order to sensitize the students about the entire concept of vector borne diseases, to check breeding of mosquitoes in and around houses and prevention of the same.

This was done to emphasise on the serious and menacing threat of mosquito bite. The students have actively participated in both the activities and must have sensitized about the diseases which can be caused due to a mosquito breeding and biting. Under the awareness campaign a mail was also sent to the parents highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts of the vector borne diseases. The students were also briefed during the online classes to wear full sleeve clothes and protect themselves during this season and to take all the necessary precautions.








As directed by the CBSE via Circular No. Acad-05/2019 dated January 18, 2019, the board has directed all its affiliated schools to follow Competency Based Education (CBE) which can be implemented only through innovative and joyful experiential pedagogies such as Art- Integrated Learning. The aim to introduce this is to promote reflection, critical thinking, creativity, initiation, self-direction and other 21st century skills. This will ultimately help our students to be 21st century-ready citizens, by empowering them with the competencies to understand, analyse, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real-life situations that the students require to face the world outside the classrooms or an environment beyond their schools and homes.

The school at par with the Board’s decision is going to conduct the following activities during the Academic session- 2020-21:

For classes I to VIII: The students will be motivated and guided to complete two Art Integrated Projects/activities which are going to be trans-disciplinary in nature.

For classes IX to XII:

1) Students will have to take up the art integrated project work as subject enrichment activity in all the subjects for internal assessment. The main objective of this project is to make the students aware of the vast and diverse cultural heritage of our country.

2) In minimum one project work of the students it is mandatory to integrate any art form of the paired State (Sikkim), as defined under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Programme.



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