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SESSION 2021-22
Date Day Topic Conducted By Report
August 23,2021 Monday Respect your Elders I C VIEW REPORT
August 27,2021 Friday Janamashtmi I D VIEW REPORT
September 4,2021 Saturday Teacher's Day PPA VIEW REPORT
September 10,2021 Friday The Key to Safety is in your hands I E VIEW REPORT

SESSION 2020-21
Date Day Topic Conducted By Report
July 3,2020 Friday Sharing is Caring- Be Generous Grade I VIEW REPORT
July 10,2020 Friday Me and My Manners Grade I VIEW REPORT
July 17,2020 Friday Importance of Healthy Eating Grade I VIEW REPORT
October 9,2020 Friday Colours of India Grade I VIEW REPORT
November 27,2020 Friday Helping Others Grade I VIEW REPORT
December 4,2020 Friday

Slow Down For a Happy Town- Traffic Rules

December 5,2020 Saturday Save Water Save Life Grade KG VIEW REPOER
December 19,2020 Saturday The Seasons Grade KG VIEW REPORT





SESSION 2019-20
1 April 26, 2019 Friday Sing a Song of flowers: Celebrate Nature I A View Report
2 May 03, 2019 Friday Smile is the Sunshine of Life I B  View Report
3 May 10, 2019 Friday Mother is the Synonym of God I C View Report
4 May 17, 2019 Friday Sun Spreads the Rays of Life I D View Report
5 July 12, 2019 Friday Summer Time is Fun Time I F View Report
6 July 19, 2019 Friday Spectrum of Colours I E View Report
7 July 26,2019 Friday Pitter Patter Rain Drops: The Beauty of rain I G View Report
8 August 2, 2019 Friday Incredible India KG A View Report
9 August 16, 2019 Friday Janmashtami Celebrations KG B View Report
10 August 30, 2019 Friday Magic Words KG C View Report
11 September 13, 2019 Friday Paint the Screen: Eat to Live Healthy KG D View Report
12 September 20, 2019 Friday Slow Down for a Happy town Follow:        theTrafic Rules NUR A View Report
13 September 26, 2019 Friday The Magic of Happiness NUR B View Report
14 October 4, 2019 Friday Trees are Friends NUR C View Report
15 October 11, 2019 Friday Our Monuments are the Reflection of our Rich Heritage I A View Report
16 October 18, 2019 Friday Pause for a Cause: Respect Your Helpers I B View Report
17 October 25, 2019 Friday Jungle me Mangal: Let's Peep into the World of Animals I C View Report
18 November 1, 2019 Friday My Father is My best Buddy I D View Report
19 November 8, 2019 Friday Good Habbits: The Foundation of Life I E View Report
20 November 22, 2019 Friday Sharing is Caring I G View Report
21 November 29, 2019 Friday Awesome Emoticons: Expressions of Life KG B View Report


                                                                                                          ASSEMBLY PLANNER

                                                                                                           SESSION 2018-19

1 April 18,2018 Wednesday Welcome Assembly I A View Report
2 April 25,2018 Wednesday Mother Earth I B  View Report
3 May 9,2018 Wednesday Good  Habits - build character  I D View Report
4 July 4,2018 Wednesday Healthy Eating KG A View Report
5 July 11,2018 Wednesday Magic words KG B View Report
6 July 18,2018 Wednesday Save water KG C View Report
7 July 25,2018 Wednesday Animal World KG D View Report
8 August 1,2018 Wednesday Expressions KG E View Report
9 August 29, 2018 Wednesday Respect for Elders NUR C View Report
10 September 12,2018 Wednesday Our Monuments I A View Report
11 September 19,2018 Wednesday Cleanliness is next to Godliness I B  View Report
12 September 26,2018 Wednesday Our Leaders I C View Report
13 October 3,2018 Wednesday Healthy and Junk Food I D View Report
14 October 10,2018 Wednesday Our Festivals KG A View Report
15 December 5,2018 Wednesday Plants - Our Green Friends KG D View Report
17 December 24,2018 Wednesday Christmas Celebration VIII & VC View Report


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