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SESSION 2021-22
Date Day Topic Conducted By Report
August 23,2021 Monday Respect your Elders I C VIEW REPORT
August 27,2021 Friday Janamashtmi I D VIEW REPORT
September 4,2021 Saturday Teacher's Day PPA VIEW REPORT
September 10,2021 Friday The Key to Safety is in your hands I E VIEW REPORT
September 18,2021 Saturday Joy of Caring PPB VIEW REPORT
October 30,2021 Saturday Save Animals PPD VIEW REPORT
November 13,2021 Saturday Trees are Our Saviours PPC VIEW REPORT
November 26,2021 Friday Plants Our Green Friends I A VIEW REPORT
December 3,2021 Friday Healthy and Junk Food I B VIEW REPORT

SESSION 2020-21
Date Day Topic Conducted By Report
July 3,2020 Friday Sharing is Caring- Be Generous Grade I VIEW REPORT
July 10,2020 Friday Me and My Manners Grade I VIEW REPORT
July 17,2020 Friday Importance of Healthy Eating Grade I VIEW REPORT
October 9,2020 Friday Colours of India Grade I VIEW REPORT
November 27,2020 Friday Helping Others Grade I VIEW REPORT
December 4,2020 Friday

Slow Down For a Happy Town- Traffic Rules

December 5,2020 Saturday Save Water Save Life Grade KG VIEW REPOER
December 19,2020 Saturday The Seasons Grade KG VIEW REPORT





SESSION 2019-20
1 April 26, 2019 Friday Sing a Song of flowers: Celebrate Nature I A View Report
2 May 03, 2019 Friday Smile is the Sunshine of Life I B  View Report
3 May 10, 2019 Friday Mother is the Synonym of God I C View Report
4 May 17, 2019 Friday Sun Spreads the Rays of Life I D View Report
5 July 12, 2019 Friday Summer Time is Fun Time I F View Report
6 July 19, 2019 Friday Spectrum of Colours I E View Report
7 July 26,2019 Friday Pitter Patter Rain Drops: The Beauty of rain I G View Report
8 August 2, 2019 Friday Incredible India KG A View Report
9 August 16, 2019 Friday Janmashtami Celebrations KG B View Report
10 August 30, 2019 Friday Magic Words KG C View Report
11 September 13, 2019 Friday Paint the Screen: Eat to Live Healthy KG D View Report
12 September 20, 2019 Friday Slow Down for a Happy town Follow:        theTrafic Rules NUR A View Report
13 September 26, 2019 Friday The Magic of Happiness NUR B View Report
14 October 4, 2019 Friday Trees are Friends NUR C View Report
15 October 11, 2019 Friday Our Monuments are the Reflection of our Rich Heritage I A View Report
16 October 18, 2019 Friday Pause for a Cause: Respect Your Helpers I B View Report
17 October 25, 2019 Friday Jungle me Mangal: Let's Peep into the World of Animals I C View Report
18 November 1, 2019 Friday My Father is My best Buddy I D View Report
19 November 8, 2019 Friday Good Habbits: The Foundation of Life I E View Report
20 November 22, 2019 Friday Sharing is Caring I G View Report
21 November 29, 2019 Friday Awesome Emoticons: Expressions of Life KG B View Report


                                                                                                          ASSEMBLY PLANNER

                                                                                                           SESSION 2018-19

1 April 18,2018 Wednesday Welcome Assembly I A View Report
2 April 25,2018 Wednesday Mother Earth I B  View Report
3 May 9,2018 Wednesday Good  Habits - build character  I D View Report
4 July 4,2018 Wednesday Healthy Eating KG A View Report
5 July 11,2018 Wednesday Magic words KG B View Report
6 July 18,2018 Wednesday Save water KG C View Report
7 July 25,2018 Wednesday Animal World KG D View Report
8 August 1,2018 Wednesday Expressions KG E View Report
9 August 29, 2018 Wednesday Respect for Elders NUR C View Report
10 September 12,2018 Wednesday Our Monuments I A View Report
11 September 19,2018 Wednesday Cleanliness is next to Godliness I B  View Report
12 September 26,2018 Wednesday Our Leaders I C View Report
13 October 3,2018 Wednesday Healthy and Junk Food I D View Report
14 October 10,2018 Wednesday Our Festivals KG A View Report
15 December 5,2018 Wednesday Plants - Our Green Friends KG D View Report
17 December 24,2018 Wednesday Christmas Celebration VIII & VC View Report


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