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To inculcate the feeling of Patriotism in the students, MBS International School, Dwarka, New Delhi organized online/virtual Inter House Patriotic Song Competition on 11th August, 2020.

In the Final Stage of this competition Nayana Santhosh, Simran Kaur Rajput, Bhawya Ranjan and Unnattyie Chandana represented their respective Houses: Curie, Teresa, Tagore and Vivekananda.All the participants sang melodiously with perfect Sur and Taal and demonstrated their love for their country by singing songs steeped in strong sense of patriotism. Each house was better than the other and posed a challenge for the judges to evaluate them.
Judges for this competition were School’s Senior H.M. Ma’am (Ms. Ruchika Chaudhary), Middle Wing Coordinator (Ms. Geetanjali) and Music HOD (Ms. Seema Wadhawan).

In the end as one has to be emerged as a winner in the competition Nayana Santhosh of Curie House secured I Position, Simran Kaur Rajput and Unnattyie Chandna of Teresa and Vivekananda House bagged II and III positions respectively.


"Stretching out my arms toward perfection
When the clear stream of reason ebbs away,
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield
Though impediments mock and taunt my way.”

MBS International School has always responsibly taken up any impediments that come its way, assuming them to be challenges and strived unhesitatingly, towards its goal.
The English Club of the school was successful in its endeavour to fruitfully provide avenues to the students to utilize their ‘locked up’ moments in an inspired way.
‘Lingua Franca English Week’ was organized from May 4,2020 to    May 9,2020 to involve the participation of students in various literary activities and make learning of language fun, dynamic and objective.
The initiative   enriched the students as they participated in an array of interesting activities such as Extempore, Poem recitation, Cartoon making, Postcard Designing and ‘MasterChef’ and many more which fuelled their creative aptitude, thereby  honing their oratorial competency, and strived to imbibe in them a sense of confidence  and independent thinking skills. It was delightful to witness their earnest efforts in all the events, despite the ‘lockdown’ effect!
The week strived to ameliorate their proficiency of language and imbued in them a sense of satisfaction of a job well done!


MBS International School, Dwarka, New Delhi is committed to provide various and unique learning platform to our students. In keeping the flame of learning always brighten, the Lingua Franca Hindi Club hosted various literary activities and made language learning more fun, dynamic, and objective. Hindi Week was organized from April 20 to April 26, 2020, to enhance and prepare our students with the necessary tools to enrich their Hindi language speaking and writing skills. The initiative enriched the students as they participated online in an array of interesting literary activities such as Slogan Writing, Poem Recitation, Handwriting Character, Doha Recitation, and Creative writing, giving vent to their creative expressions. It was delightful to witness students participating online with confidence, while creative writing explored the prospects of artificial intelligence. The week strived to enhance their proficiency of language and inculcate in them a sense of satisfaction, as they participated in each event with enthused vigor and basked in the luminous glory of a job well done.




















“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

Amid the challenges of implementing technology into our home lives, MBS International School sought the integration of technology to imbibe a new level of digital literacy for its students. One such creative method to stay organised and educated online along the way was the Intra-School Online competition ‘Phoenix’ conducted for students of Pre-Primary to IX. The competition included a spectrum of various activities like Fancy Dress, Dance Competition, Show & Tell, Solo Dance, Story Telling and e-Poster competitions. The students were required to record a video and send their entries to the school. The activity aimed at redirecting the energies of the students and helping them to see the immense learning potential that technology has to enable kids to express their thinking and then receive feedback from people who care about them. Applaudable entries were received for each activity giving an opportunity to everyone to collectively see and experience how personalised learning and true learner-centered instruction can be accomplished.  

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