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STUDIOS: Dance, Music and Theatre studios provide the students ample opportunity to learn and flourish in the fields of their flair. The music room has traditional as well as modern instruments for the students to choose the instrument they wish to be trained in.

SCHOOL LABS: The school boasts of well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories wherein students carry out practical experiments to observe the efficacy of the theoretical knowledge imparted to them. Besides these, the school also has separate Information Technology laboratories for juniors and seniors to give them advanced knowledge of digital technology.  The Mathematics laboratory provides the students with insight into the world of numbers.

MEDICAL ROOM: A good medical centre in a school assures care and concern for the parents. Health fitness and genuine concern is a hallmark at the MBS campus. Equipped with all the medical needs, the medical room constitutes a clean bed, good hygiene and informed nurse and sufficient stock of all the medicines. To top it all, experts in the medical field are invited for talk on general fitness. We also have visiting doctors for periodical checkups. The medical room maintains a complete medical report and record to ensure students’ fitness history.

AUDITORIUM: A magnificent auditorium with its large seating arrangement of 260 people, advanced acoustics containing hi-tech sound proof systems conforms adequately to the bench mark of highly technologically advanced and equipped concert hall. The lavish ambience gives adequate opportunity to the MBSians to showcase their creative talent.

3D Lab

Wellness Zone


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Junior Computer Lab

Senior Computer Lab

Smart Classroom


Art & Craft Room

Music Room

Theater Room

Day Boarding Room


Physics Lab

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Volley Ball

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