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“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

We at MBS International School, Dwarka have always focused to align educational beliefs and values among our students by developing a sense of universal responsibility in them. Our vision is to provide international learning opportunities to learners to facilitate them to accept and understand the world that is a cauldron of composite cultures and community perspectives. 

Keeping this in mind, MBS International School conducted an online student exchange programme for Grade IX students through a Skype session with Bayside Christian College, Australia on 10th May 2021 at 9:30 am and again on May 24, 2021 at 9:40 am. The Vice Principal of Bayside Christian College, Mr. David Proudlove, Ms. Madhumita Sengupta, teaching faculty of the school and Principal, Mr. Atul Wadhawan, Advisor of the School, Ms. Mrinalini Kaura and Vice Principal, Ms. Rajesh Banopreeya attended the programme accompanied by their students. The Vice Principal of Bayside Christian College addressed the students at the end of the session and asserted that he was glad to have such an interactive session in the times of Online learning and he looks forward to having more such meet-ups and sessions in the coming future. The strengthened bond was also exhibited in the blessings and prayers for India struggling under Covid crisis. 

The exchange programme was based on theme of understanding ‘New Delhi as a Global City’ and ‘New Delhi under Corona Crisis’ and vice versa based on ‘Sydney as a Global City’ and ‘Sydney under Corona Crisis’. The students of both the schools had thoroughly researched on the global cities in and around the world. Students of MBS International school did a probing research on the topic, provided a plethora of information and realised the importance of internationalisation of education. The exchange programme fulfilled its objective of piquing an overall interest among students to experience new cultural contexts. What started as a timeline along the history of Delhi was beautifully culminated into the Modern Delhi of now where all the students actively contributed for their part of the presentation. There were various questions put up by the students of both the schools in order to collaborate with fellow students from other country and know their cultural contexts, and thus experience new perspectives and ways of studying, and develop intercultural competences.

It is through the International Exchange programmes that the School emboldens students to discover new ways of adaptability and learning to be able to be a part of the global world. These programmes provide students with an exposure to become aware of multi-faceted approaches to learning and living. Students develop adaptability to embrace foreign cultures and promote liberal-mindedness. 

The programme concluded with the realisation that even in the times like these, no obstacle can hinder the process of recognizing that the students can benefit from the mind-opening opportunities offered through an exchange experience, and have much to contribute to the experience of others as well.


“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.”

Life in times of corona virus means a halt on travel. However, a virtual trip to another country can spark intense student interest as well as nurture various skills. We all know trips and tours are important for interactive and new learning, social interaction and exposure. So, to eradicate boredom and enhance knowledge while comfortably sitting at home, MBS International School, Dwarka organised “Chalte Chalte French”, a 3-day virtual excursion with Memory Makers to France for the students of grades V-VIII. The educational virtual excursion allowed the students to have 360-degree view of the Persian street & famous museums of France, explore markets, travel through different modes of transport, witness the incredible works of art from the Contemporary Eras. The children visited Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Eurodisney and took a walk alongside the Seine river. The various artifacts on art and culture enhanced the knowledge about Art, History, Geography and Science.

Going on a school tour is an important part of learning. “Chalte Chalte French” made the language come alive, wherein the students got the wonderful opportunity to enhance their vocabulary and learn correct pronunciation of the words in French. Learning about the culture of France gave another dimension to language learning. MBS International School, yet again fulfilled its vision and philosophy which believes in opening global gateways and inspires students to explore beyond their national borders.



Our International Odyssey 2020-21

French Extravaganza

“Strength comes from struggle. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, wiser, then your thinking shifts from 'I can't do this' to 'I must do this.”

We experience new culture with every journey. The uniqueness of individuals is the diversity of life. The people of France looked towards these opportunities, these struggles and this uniqueness of the individuals. Driven by the same objective, they celebrated their sacrifices and its outcome as ‘Bastille Day’ on July 14 every year.

MBS International school stood out as an epitome by coming up with the virtual celebration of French Day on July 18,2020 organised by students of Grade VI-VIII via Google Meet session. The ludic day was filled with sundry performances by the excited students. The programme was set in motion with an Indo-French Ganesh Vandana sung by the French Teacher. The vim and vigour of our talented students was evident in the programme by the good acquisition of the French language and also about its culture. This was represented through songs, dance and speech given by the exhilarated students.  All these made this event a grand show of the day. The students of Grade VI participated in designing of an Indo-French Wall thereby notching up their knowledge of the French culture.

Final words of closing were given by our Respected VP Ma’am and Sr.HM Ma’am. They both appreciated the efforts of the students and the teacher for their applaud worthy hard work put into the programme. Overall, the programme was a great way of learning about France and its culture through the Anglo- French language.





“Monuments are the grappling-irons that bind one generation to another.” MBS International School initiated the process to instill a global dimension into the learning experience by being an active participant of the activities conducted by British Council International School Award (ISA). As part of the ISA action plan, the school planned a group discussion along with the students from Palestine on the topic ‘Our Monuments’. In an effort to give our students an international exposure and make them aware of the diverse historic culture in Palestine and India, this activity was undertaken in which students of grade IX and X apprised everyone about various historic monuments in both the places. This was one of the multifarious tasks undertaken during the session which provided the students buoyant and enjoyable opportunities to peep into the vast culture of other countries and share information about theirs. At the end of the session, the students appreciated the historic art and architecture of Palestine and India. The students from both the countries were delighted to have the session and appreciated the art in historical monuments. Both the groups shared their presentations and articulated about the monuments of India and Palestine. Hoping to have more such sessions in the future, the meeting ended on a elated note.


Our International Odyssey 2017-18

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the imagination to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to excellence.”

MBS International School believes in providing ample opportunities for our students to excel and carve out a niche   for themselves in the vast domain of education.

Our aim is to prepare young people for the future in a fast changing world that demands flexibility, adaptability & tolerance through an engaging curriculum that nurtures their self -esteem, independent learning and responsible thinking.

The year gone by witnessed our students participating in international activities, collaborative projects, wikipage designing and videoconferencing sessions with Afghanistan, Srilanka, Ethiopia, Nepal and Egypt.

Fruitful rewarding Interactions and collaborations with peers from different cultures and beliefs engaged them as responsible global citizens.

Presenting before you a glimpse into our seven international   projects.


Students showcased remarkable ingenuity and creativity in designing magnificent Dream houses,   in a collaborative project with National Educational Complex, Egypt through Skype discussions and email exchanges. The appealing project also provided the students a glimpse into currency conversing rates and foreign exchange policies. An architectural marvel indeed!


In a sensitization campaign, which pledged to protect and safeguard the endangered species, the school team participated in activities such as poster making, slogan writing and Scrap Book Designing. The project which reflected ecological perspective and sustainable development was   shared with the partner school, Tzu-chi National School , Srilanka through You Tube link


The staging of the play – Midsummer Night’s Dream was a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of talent, poise and gait of our young actors, inviting admiration and applause from all. The play was shared with the partner school- Srijana Secondary School Nepal through facebook    Link-

The video conferencing session enriched their awareness about theatre and the cultural aspects.


With an aim to inspire & reward next generation of social entrepreneurs, the students participated in the activity-‘Discovering the recipe of economic growth’. They actively researched about the economy of China and India and participated in Debate sessions, Scrapbook Designing and questionnaire in the classroom.


We provide opportunities to our students to embrace an open minded approach to diverse cultural perspectives and establish tolerant societies.  The collaborative partnership with Holy Savior School,Ethiopia   helped them widen their perspective about indigenous communities and equipped them with social skills. They also visited the Ethiopian embassy which further acquainted them about the   cultural heritage of the country.


In an innovative venture, the school forged partnership with Srijana Secondary School, Nepal to engender awareness about the treasured medicinal plants. Panel discussions & Skype sessions enriched their understanding about the therapeutic and curative significance of the rich foliage.


In a session that merged geographical boundaries and transcended space, the students virtually interacted with peers in  National Educational Complex, Egypt to learn about the different forms of government and their functioning. Wiki-pages and blogging were a unique platform to share their opinions and perspectives.


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