MBSians Secured 1st Position in ' National Tang Soo Do' Championship 2023-24'

It is with immense pride we share the remarkable achievement of Naitik Sharma, a standout student at MBS International School Dwarka, in the National Tang Soo Do Championship 2023-24! Naitik's unwavering dedication and inherent talent have come to the forefront, securing him the SECOND prize in sparring and the prestigious FIRST prize in board breaking. Let's applaud Naitik Sharma for these outstanding feats, underscoring his hard work, resilience, and the brilliance that adds luster to our school's reputation!

    • MBSians Secured 1st Position in


    Arhaan Dharwarkar's Remarkable Achievements in Table Tennis Tournaments..
    We are thrilled to announce remarkable achievements by one of our outstanding students in the field of table tennis! Arhaan Dharwarkar, a shining star among us, has displayed exceptional talent and dedication, securing prestigious medals and awards in table tennis tournaments.

    His remarkable journey in the world of table tennis has been marked by relentless effort, unwavering determination, and remarkable sportsmanship. Through numerous challenging matches and fierce competitions, Arhaan has consistently showcased extraordinary skills and resilience.

    His remarkable accomplishments include:

    * 2nd position in DDA Open Tournament 2022 (under 11)

    * 4th position in Delhi First State Ranking Tournament 2023 (under 11)

    * 3rd position in Manav Sthali Open Tournament 2023 (under 11)

    * 3rd position in Unified Titans Open Tournament 2023 (under 11)

    * 2nd position in Delhi South-West District Table Tennis 2023 (under 11)

    * 3rd position in Adarsh Public Open Table Tennis Tournament 2024 (under 11)

    * 1st position in Republic Day Table Tennis Tournament 2024 (under 13)

    These achievements not only reflect Arhaan's personal excellence but also bring great pride and honor to our MBS International School. His commitment to sporting excellence serves as an inspiration to his peers and highlights the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving one's goals.

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