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“Victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score.” 
MBS International School organised it’s 4th Inter School Basketball tournament from  November 28, 2019 to November 30, 2019. Students from 10 schools participated and each team had to compete against each other. The tournament commenced with the lighting of lamp by our esteemed guest Mr. Amit Saini. There were alot of spectators cheering for their teams and it was exciting to watch teams play and compete against each other. The court was noisy but fantastic. The atmosphere was electric with the cheers of the students and the enthusiasm of the participants. We witnessed good sportsmanship by all the players which was the best part of the 3 day tournament. We finally came to the most anticipated part of the tournament which was announcement of the results. The tournament ended with Bal Bharti Public School clinching first place, followed by Sri Venkateshwar International School, Venkateshwar International School and MBS International School respectively. Trophies, medals and certificates were felicitated to the players by Honourable Chief Guests Dr. Bharat Jha and Mr. Ravi Jain.
The game was exhilarating and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It represented what we learn at MBS International School, which is participation and the spirit of true sportsmanship is more important than winning or losing.  
We congratulate all the participants for brilliant matches with good team spirit.


MBS organized one of the highly prestigious 3rd interschool’s Basketball Tournament that lasted from August 9, 2018 to August 10, 2018. MBS received the overwhelming participation of 11 schools who tried to exhibit best of their skills on the field. Every school performed at the best of their capacities. Although, winning is the utmost desire driving the best of efforts from students, competition could not have thrived without the whole-hearted participation which in turn allowed the participants to recognize their strengths and take cognizance of their weaknesses. 

Everyone performed well but Vandana International School, J.M. International School, Dwarka and Venketeshwar International School, Dwarka were knocked out on August 9, 2018.The 3rd interschool’s basketball Tournament provided a befitting opportunity to all the schools to access their capabilities so as to provide them a comprehensive outlook of their performances.MBS commended every student that participated and graced the competition with their enthralling and bewitching performances. Every student’s much appreciated effort helped making the tournament a success. The Tournament witnessed some captivating performances by our enthusiastic young sportsmen. Semi-finals was held between M.B.S International School, St. Mary Public School Dwarka, ITL Public School and Maxfort School Dwarka on August 10, 2018. 

 Although, everybody performed well, St. Mary Public School, Dwarka  won the match by exhibiting par excellence performance. They indeed raised the bar of the Tournament by their amazing performance. ITL Public School scored 2nd position and MBS International bagged 3rd position.
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