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SESSION 2020-21


“Being the pen and paper of our time, technology is the lens through which we experience much of our world.”

Technology, indeed can never replace the manual efforts and labour, but in the hands of great and learned people, it is transformational. Aspiring to achieve the same, MBS International School sought to let their students venture into the world of coding with HT Coding Webinar conducted virtually via Zoom Session on September 29, 2020 at 11:00 am for Grade VI-IX.
With an objective to acquaint the students with the basics of coding and the oncoming prospects in the coming times, the webinar was well enjoyed by approximately 400 students who had their interests spiked up after the webinar. The students were taken step by step through the process of creating small yet interesting outputs with the help of coding techniques. Asserting the importance of coding in future and elaborating on the benefits of it, the workshop started with spokesperson propounding the same in his speech. With the interesting and captivating graphics, the students were introduced to coding with the help of games and videos. Especially curated for the children, the workshop aimed to let the students push their boundaries beyond what is only mentioned in the curriculum and use their logistic thinking. The entire procedure of signing up and participating in the activities was explained to the students. Ranging from languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA, Python etc, to various activities such as creating a website, an application or a game, the workshop excited the students to participate and pose their queries regarding the Webinar and the programme. Along with certification programmes, HT Code-a-thon also offers enticing prizes and discounts to the students signing up for the webinar.
Altogether, the feedback given by the students displayed their interests and excitement in joining the session.



“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

Proceeding with the same zeal in their hearts, students of Grade VI-VIII participated in the virtual Paper Bag Making activity conducted by MBS International School on September 26,2020. The objective of the activity was to ignite the need to adopt paper bags instead of the handy plastic bags. This was done to make them aware about the threat caused by the plastic bags to the environment. The students were guided how to make the paper bags out of recycled paper. Quite enthusiastic about the whole activity, every participant got recycled papers accessible at their places and converted them into handy paper bags available for their personal use. To boost their creative and inventive skills, beautiful paper bags of different shapes and sizes were shown and taught to them. This activity resulted in increased participation towards improving Mother Nature. The students made various paper bags and decorated it with leaves , designing paper and vibrant colors.



“Original writing is that which expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way”.

With home schooling on the calendar and planner since long we do not want our scholars to miss out on any important aspect of learning. Keeping the same in mind MBS International School conducted ‘Hindi creative writing activity’ for the students of grade VI-VIII on September 23, 2020. The students were given various topics to choose from. The students have expressed their views on the topic of their choice. The beauty of creative writing is that you have the power to change the way someone sees the world. And it was very much evident from the student’s entries.

Creative writing is not only a means to help students unleash their creative side and feel more comfortable with writing about everyday life, but has also been proven to improve language learning.



Drawing and colouring are visual arts and these activities allow students to uncover their natural talents. To enhance their creativity MBS International School organised ‘Fun with alphabets activity’ for the students of Grade- I and II on September 23, 2020. The students were shown how to draw different things from the alphabets A to H. The activity encouraged and developed an alert and open-minded attitude among children and gave them clarity in thinking. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. It was a pleasure to watch the students making different objects with such elan.
Every child presented a unique piece of art. It was a fun activity which inspired them to use their imagination and creativity. The activity proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.




MBS International School organized Little Master Chefs (Sandwich Making) for the students of the Grade I & II on September 22, 2020.

The students exhibited their culinary skills and prepared nutritious and healthy sandwiches during their virtual activity. It was feast for the eyes and stomach as well. The objective was to encourage healthy eating habits among the students. They discovered that cooking can be a creative, easy and safe experience that is as much fun as it is to eat the yummy delights that resulted from the experience.
The virtual activity was conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame, the necessity and advantages of healthy eating.
Through this activity the students learnt the culinary skills, appreciating the hard work put into cooking.  The aim of the activity was also to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. They served the dishes in an artistic way which was most appealing and the display was a visual treat tickling to the taste buds.




As a step towards inspiring and educating children to understand the role of corona warriors,  a slogan writing activity on the topic ‘Our Saviors During Lockdown’  was conducted by MBS International School  for the students of grade III-V on September 21, 2020 .

Students responded to this activity with great vigor and enthusiasm to show their appreciation towards corona warriors. The students displayed excellent artistic and creative skills .They made the most of this opportunity by actively participating in the activity.This event achieved its aim, wherein it brought out creativity and imagination of our students. 

Our students displayed immense resourcefulness in completion of this activity.The activity helped the students to articulate ideas more fluently. Overall it helped them to explore,engage, and develop a thorough understanding of the efforts put in by the professionals helping us during lockdown.



“Adolescence is a time of uncertainty, stuffed with expectations and glazed with rebellion.”

MBS International School, Dwarka organized an online workshop on Adolescence issues for the students of class VIII on September 19, 2020. The session was taken by Ms. Monika Dhingra, the school counselor. The students were apprised with the various changes that take place during adolescence like physical, psychological (which control their thoughts), emotional (mood swings) and social (their relationship with parents and friends). After discussing all the changes and their impact on person’s behaviour, it was further reiterated that adolescence is the age of rapid changes. They were told the techniques to deal with these changes effectively. Thereafter, the students were asked to share their challenges which they were facing and were not aware how to deal with. Each one of them came up with different questions weighing on their heart. The questions were discussed making the students understand why it was happening and how to handle these situations. The session was fruitful as the students interacted and found the solutions for their queries.




MBS International school takes pride in keeping its children rooted to the core values, rich heritage and vast culture of its nation. Keeping the same in mind, the school has celebrated ‘Hindi Diwas’ on September 14, 2020. This is the day when everyone acknowledges the enriched language and its contribution. Hindi is indeed a language that is very rich and has major contributions to the field of literature. Wish everyone a very happy 'Hindi Diwas'


“Picture frames not only define the personality of the house, but they also depict the aesthetic sense of the people living in that house.”. 
A virtual “Photo Frame Making Activity” was organized by MBS International School for the students of Grade I on September 16,2020. There is no doubt that art and craft activities always proved to be a fun learning for kids. It helps the students to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Paper crafts give the child a chance to express itself in a purely creative environment. With the help of some old newspapers, Grade -I students made Photo Frames. For decorating the edge of their picture, they simply applied painting and rolling process and created beautiful craft work. It fostered innovative application and given them a joyful experience of making something new out of the waste material. Creative activities are a key way of developing the necessary traits in a child. These traits guide child’s ability to plan his or her behavior, which is essential to academic success.
MBS International school encourages such interesting activities and hopes to bring out the best in all its students while ensuring that the children learn through all possible ways- not just through books and classroom teaching.




"A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age.”

The art of storytelling is the universal and traditional art that has featured strongly in Indian culture as a communication tool. It is an effective way to inform entertain, educate the open minds of children to world's beyond imagination.
To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students, MBS International school organized virtual Hindi Story Telling activity -Kahaniyon ka Pitara  on September 16, 2020 for the little children of Grade 2. The students displayed excellent memory and recapitulation skills. The young enthusiastic story tellers armed with their props came forth with wonderful tales.
The students were appreciated for their wonderful performances. 



“Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining.”
 It encourages children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment. By doing something creative, we allow our kids for self-expression and give them opportunities for trying out new ideas, it develops a sense of achievement and allows them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. 
To promote reading habit among our students in a creative way, a bookmark making activity was conducted for grade I & II on September 9, 2020.
The activity was aimed to enhance their creativity and aesthetic sense. 
The students used different coloured origami papers, marker, glue etc. and made the creative eye-catching “Caterpillar” and “Bunny” bookmarks by using simple technique of paper folding, cutting and pasting. 
All the students were excited while making bookmark and were eager to show their final product to their classmate. It was indeed not only learning but also a fun-filled activity for them.



The clothes we choose to wear can impact our mood, and leave a lasting impression on our memories.

 Giving due importance to this connection, Show & Tell activity on- My Favourite Outfitwas organized by MBS International School for the students of Grade I and II on September 1 and September 8, 2020. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of an audience.

The competition was an opportunity to bring out individual talent, explore their creativity and stage presence skills.  The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The effort and hard work of children was highly commendable. This activity was fun and excellent for children as it sparked their imagination and made them think more. Best three from each class participated in the final round on September 8, 2020 where they showcased their talent with the same zest. The students faced the camera with confidence and presented themselves with passion.

The combined effort of students and parents made the show a huge success.



“Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to    someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone”
- Stephen King
To make the young minds understand the importance of saying “Thank You” and also to learn the importance of gratitude a handmade Thank You Card making activity was organised by MBS International School for the young curious minds of Grade I & II on September 2, 2020. 
Students individually designed and decorated cards and wrote down best wishes to their teachers. These lovely greeting cards were respectfully presented to their beloved teachers to express their gratitude on this special day. Teachers appreciated and acknowledged the love and gratitude shown by the students.



Whatever the game may be-Be A Sport!. Children of preprimary classes celebrated the National Sports Day through online medium. The focus was to build sportsmanship and encourage the tinytots and the parents as well to be active even during this lockdown. Teacher motivated children to take part in different home based sporting activities, starting with basic warm up, leading to different games. Children excitement was clearly visible as they never wanted the day to get over. Holistic development of our children is possible only when he/she is physically fit, developing cognitively and emotionally as well. It was a fun filled day and an apt tribute to the legendary hockey player Major Dhayan Chad, in whose honour this day is celebrated as National Sports Day in India on August 29, every year.











Rainy Day is always a fun time for the kids.  To celebrate Pitter Patter of rain drops, the pre-primary students of MBS International School were all set with their raincoats & umbrellas to splash & revel in the virtual rain.  Children had their own experiences to share about how playing in rain is the most favourite activity during this season. They indulged in making their own 3D umbrella and preschoolers created their own collage of raincoat, umbrella & gumboots.
Teachers made them aware of the things found in this season like corn, frog, snails, puddles, etc. Also, they understood the precautions to be taken during this season. 










It is a well-known fact that sustainable development and a holistic ecological view are the need of the hour in today’s world, where man’s domination over nature has risen to gigantic proportions. Keeping this thought in mind, MBS International School organized a riveted virtual ‘Dress and Depict Activity’ for the student of Grade IV on August 17, 2020. The theme for which was to tell ways and means to save mother earth through their innovative propositions and assured speaking. The students dressed in the attire depicting the natural resources given to us by the Mother Earth to convey the message to conserve them.

The participants were judged on the basis of the given criteria such as -
? Voice modulation and presentation
? Costume and its relevance to theme
? Usage of props and its relevance to theme
? Confidence and expression
The children participated with full vigour and enthusiasm. The activity was not only an expression of their hidden skill and creativity but also their contribution towards the betterment of environment.










A healthy mind, healthy body connection is the key to a much happier life. Giving due importance to this connection, MBS International School organised an AD Mad show for the students of Grade I and II on August,25 2020. The competition was an opportunity to bring out individual talent, explore their creativity and stage presence skills.  The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Best three from each class participated in the final round on August 26, 2020 where they showcased their talent with the same zest.

The combined efforts of students and parents made the show a huge success.













Green is the colour of life, renewal nature and energy, which is closely associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness and environment. To celebrate the existence of colours around us, our children and teachers were dressed in pretty green attires. The backdrops were beautifully decorated according to the theme.
Students were taken for a virtual tour into the world of green. They enthusiastically participated in ‘Green Around Us” activity and learnt the significance of  Green colour in Nature.











School is a place which garners a sense of responsibility towards nature and its conservation among the students. Since children are the future of tomorrow, educating them about preserving and balancing the environment becomes highly essential. In this pandemic times, to generate awareness among students for greater greenery in the country and to control pollution MBS International School organized a riveted ‘Tree Plantation Activity’  for the student of Grade III & IV. The theme for which was ‘Each one plant one’. Students were instructed to plant a sapling in their house compound with the help of their parents. Students enthusiastically performed the activity and shared clicked photograph with their class teachers. The activity also helped the children to know about things required to grow and nurture a plant, various parts of the plant, and the importance they hold in our lives.




















Shapes are fun. They are present everywhere.

A shape is one of the seven elements of art. When defining it within the study of art, they are an enclosed space.

A virtual activity ‘Fun with Numbers’ was held for the students of grade I & II on Aug 19, 2020. The aim of the activity was to teach the basic concepts to the students in a simple and playful manner by making animal’s shape from the numbers 1to10. A fun filled and joyful activity provided our little ones a platform to develop and showcase their latent talents. Children engrossed in creating beautiful animals with different numbers was really worth seeing. The students exhibited their artistic skills and presented an engaging, scintillating activity .











               “A great way to use old newspapers is to craft with them.”

  There is no doubt that art and craft activities always proved to be a fun learning for kids. Be it coloring with crayons or molding statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade craft work, there are several art and craft activities, which can enhance their artistic potential. It helps the students to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. 
To inculcate artistic skills and apply innovative thinking a “Newspaper Craft Activity” was conducted in Grade I & II on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.
With the help of some old newspapers, Grade -I students made coasters and Grade -II students made Photo Frames. They applied painting and rolling process and created beautiful craft work. This activity was intended to reinforce the message of recycle and reuse. It fostered innovative application and given them a joyful experience of making something new out of waste material. 












Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna, one of the most powerful and famous reincarnations of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon. This day indicated the beginning of hope in the older times; hope, that the malicious rule of Kansa would soon end. To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmashtmi- Pot Decoration was organized for the students of Grade –I and II by MBS International School on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 wherein the school students enthusiastically participated and wondrously showcased their talent and creativity.Activity was conducted in order to improve presentation skills and to develop the understanding of Indian traditions.The students actively participated in the activity and wondrously showcased their talent. The enthusiasm among the participants was worth watching.













Row Row Row your boat gently down the streams .  .  . 
MBS International School has always focused on holistic development of MBSians. Hence, learning by doing has always been our focus, because this is how children learn the best. Utilizing the virtual medium to its utmost potential, children were taken to sail through the water transport theme. The preschoolers were involved in making clay submarine and preprimary children made paper craft of the same, which was enjoyable and engaging. Teachers made the class aware about different things associated with water transport and the overwhelming response made the whole experience not only enjoyable butt fruitful too.











As we all know beauty is the realm of the poetry,the children enjoy the beauty of expression,thoughts,feelings,rhythm and music of words.Taking all these facts into consideration, MBS International School, organized Virtual Poem Recitation Activity, for the students of grade III. Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talents of our budding poets. 
The students enthusiastically participated in the same to exhibit their poetic bent of mind, using creative props, voice modulation, intonations and impressive expressions. It was heart-warming to see amazing performances which was indeed a result of hours of practice.  This event enabled our students to kindle their imagination and helped them to enhance their learning process.
The participants were judged on the basis of the given criteria such as -
? Poise and Spontaneity
? Intonation and Poetic Expression
? Clarity of words/Diction
? Overall Presentation
Poetry Recitation allowed the participants to understand the nuances of voice modulation, intonation, pitch and volume. It also served as an enriching experience for the students to experiment with their peculiar styles.









“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Science is all about exploration and discovery, so there’s no better way to get young scientists excited about learning with hands-on activities and practical science experiments. These science activities help students become more interested in science and provide them with the tools they need to make exciting discoveries.

‘Budding Scientists’ activity was conducted during the science periods from Aug 6’20 to Aug 11’20. The students of classes VI to VIII actively participated in the activity.

The students demonstrated variety of experiments such as air pressure, oxygen is required for burning, smoke snowfall, making of hand sanitizer, sedimentation, decantation, filtration, mirror image by water, conduction, etc. and explained the science behind these experiments. It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm of the students while presenting and explaining the experiments. The sense of achievement was visible on the faces of the budding scientists.














“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror of reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

As penned very aptly by Mahatma Gandhi conserving the trees hold a very important role for today’s generation so the future generations are not deprived by their benefits. MBS International School on this Rakshabandhan took a pledge to sensitize its students of their responsibility towards the environment.

Raksha Bandhan centres around tying a thread on the wrist, symbolising the bond between brothers and sisters, and sense of protection and care for each other. Given that trees contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife, other than sustaining human life, trees protect us from great detriments, few activities were planned and executed in the first week of August. The students of classes VI & VII were asked to plant a sapling and tie a rakhi around it and vow to protect it always like we protect our near and dear ones. Classes VIII to X were supposed to design posters on ‘Protect the Trees and they will take care of you’ and Classes XI & XII have to engage themselves with nature by doing creative writing on the topic ‘Write a story about tree surviving a strong wind storm. If a tree had emotions how would it feel about being cut down?’ The activities were symbolic, reinforcing the responsibility of protector (the people) to their protégé (trees).   In the light of large-scale deforestation that is irreversible in many cases, the activities are significant. Students have participated in all the activities making this initiative a success for all of us and most importantly nature.





“ Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”  -Robert Frost
“Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talents of the young ones.” Rhymes can prove to be an instrumental stepping stone for young children to develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind Hindi Patriotic Poem Recitation Activity for class I & II was organized by MBS International School on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. 
All the participants came up with different poems on patriotism and recited them with great zeal and enthusiasm. The eye-catching props added icing to the cake. The activity inspired the children to come forward and recite with confidence. 
The young poets enthralled everyone during this virtual activity with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. It was a splendid opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure. Everyone was delighted after seeing their pleasing performances.

















Raksha Bandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of a brother and sister. This festival is celebrated in the Hindu religion. Brothers and sisters of all ages celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Furthermore, it strengthens the bond between them as well. ‘Raksha’ translates to the protection and ‘Bandhan’ translates to bond. To keep the zest of the festival alive amid this pandemic, Rakhi Making activity was conducted in Grade 3 on July 24, 2020. The students were taught to make handmade rakhis using the material which is easily available at home like colourful threads, glitter sheets, ribbon, etc. The students thoroughly  enjoyed the activity and showcased their creativity by making beautiful rakhis.













Extempore speeches are those where a very little or no time is given to prepare. It  gives children a platform to express their thoughts on the given topic.

 MBS International school organized the English extempore for the students of Grade I and II to inspire the true spirit of learning and to enhance their communication skills. The students were required to speak on the given  topics  like My Favourite toy, My Favourite Subject and My Favourite fruit or Vegetable etc. The activity was a great learning experience for students as they got a platform to express their views and thoughts on the topic.

The teachers applauded all the participants for their efforts and presentation. 













After the Summer break, MBS International School began its session with Happy Classroom. In Grade -II Fun with Alphabets (Self Introduction) activity was conducted. Teachers showed flashcards of different alphabets. Students were supposed to introduce themselves by choosing any one describing word that was shown on the screen, all the students introduced themselves in a very beautiful way. After that teachers conducted an energizer riddle game related to fruits, vegetables and animals, all the students were excited to answer the riddles. The session ended up with a quick picture memory game. It was really a fun & frolic day for all the students. The students made the most of this opportunity by actively participating in the event and enjoyed a lot.




“We are only puppets, our strings are being pulled by unknown forces”. - Georg Buchner

There is no doubt that education is the secret key of human success but art is the best way to enhance the creative abilities of students required to generate and appreciate future learning experiences because art makes learning fun. Keeping this in mind A virtual activity “Puppet-Opia” was organized by MBS International School for the students of Grade I and II on July 21,2020.

The students were asked to make puppets and narrate a story using the puppets effectively. This ambitious activity helped the students develop creativity and  oratory skills. The students presented their immaculate work by making colourful and meaningful puppets by using interesting materials like coloured paper, ice cream sticks, cloth, recycled medium etc. to create stick and hand puppets. The activity proved to be a true learning experience for all the participants . The amusement and laughter of the students was the proof of the joy and fun they experienced during the activity.






Students were taken to a Virtual tour of Planetarium with the help of online technology where they got a chance to observe beautiful star patterns that appear at night and explored interesting facts about celestial bodies.
Students became really curious after watching the astronaut costume, the real model of the space shuttle in which actually the astronaut explored the universe, stepped on the moon and they amazingly shared their views in the discussion held on what fascinated them most in the virtual visit.










Fruit Chaat and Lemonade making Activity

Fruits and health mutually complement each other and ‘A day without fruit is a day without a shine’.

MBS International School organized Fruit Chaat and Lemonade making Activity on  July 29, 2020, for the students of Grade-II. It was an innovative way of making the tiny tots learn about the interesting variety of fruits available around us and also to make them relish all the fruits in the form of chaat in the tastier way. This activity helped the children to learn about different fruits, their texture and taste.
The enthusiastic participants surprised everyone during this virtual class activity with their culinary talents by preparing fruit chaat and refreshing lemonade. They merrily followed their teacher’s instructions. Teachers explained to them the importance of washing their hands before and after cooking the food. After the completion of the activity, the children relished eating their healthy fruit chad and lemonade drink.The students made the most of this opportunity by actively participating in the activity. It was a feast for the eyes and stomach as well. The objective was to encourage healthy eating and drinking habits among the students. A day well spent indeed. It was really a fruitful day and an enjoyable virtual class activity.







“Skittle Magic Experiment”

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

A virtual activity on “Skittle Magic Experiment” was organized by MBS International School for the students of Grade I and II on July 22 ,2020.   An interesting and colourful candy experiment was conducted to arouse the curiosity and trigger the scientific enquiry skills in our young ones.
The students were instructed to add skittles around the perimeter of a circular plate. Then poured water to about halfway of the skittles. After about 20 seconds students noticed the outer shell of the candies beginning to dissolve, creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect. The students were in awe over this simple bit of Science and marveled as the colours danced and swirled into beautiful explosions of colours!

They were fascinated to see the flashy rainbow art created by them using simple candies and water. The experiment gave children a wonderful opportunity to learn about predictions, thereby developing general science awareness.

They learnt about the dissolution of substances in water. Children were baffled to explore, discover and observe a picturesque maze of sparkling colours. Thus, the young blooming minds found science amazing and fun……!!




Creative Hands – Colouring Competition

Coloring is proven therapeutic experience for kids, they vent their feelings and other emotions though coloring. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills. It also gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and developing a sense of achievement. Hence, children of preprimary participated in online colouring competition with full zest & zeal. The class transformed into a meditating area where the focus and concentration were ruling. It was mesmerizing sight to see every child engrossed and enjoying the whole experience. The efforts put in by our little creative hands were encouraged by presenting them with appreciation certificates.




Summer Fun Activity

Summer is the time when children enjoy moving out, going to the movies, malls and water parks, however these probably won't be an option this summer due to COVID-19 and social distancing. But that doesn't mean there aren't still ways to have fun and enjoy summer. Children of preprimary classes participated in summer fun activities conducted through online classes on Friday, July 3, 2020. Where they explored different things used in summer and also, were involved in making one of their most favourite dessert of summer season i.e. Ice Cream. Children enthusiastically participated in the process and shared with pride the end product with their class teacher through pictures. The sense of accomplishment and joy was evidently visible on their faces. Activity based learning creates enjoyable and lasting learning avenues, which is the core element at MBS International School.




MBSian’s Skill Building Activity

The time that the child spends during preprimary classes provides tremendous opportunities of growth across all areas of skill development. Little hands need to develop dexterity and strength. Hence, the activity of skill building with our tintytots during our online classes was conducted with a learning objective that the child acquires the skills to write, feed oneself, buttoning & zipping & it will also improve eye-hand coordination and concentration. Children enthusiastically followed teacher in doing clay activity and created beautiful clay beads necklaces & bracelets also with the water pouring activity, the concentration and involvement was evidently visible in the class. These types of “play” activities will actually help prepare a child to hold and use a crayon or pencil and write well besides developing self help skills. Natural way of learning for these little bundles of energy is through play. Therefore, the activity based learning is an impactful and long lasting way of acquiring skills and learning.




















Health Bhi Taste Bhi

‘I love to eat apples, oranges too. Banana and kiwis are so good too! Fruits are juicy and yummy too. Keep us healthy in every way.’

Healthy eating habits should be inculcated from early childhood stage. However, making children eat different fruits might be a challenging task for some. Hence with the activity ‘Healthy bhi Tasye Bhi’ children of PrePrimary were encouraged to eat fruits. Teachers with the support of parents during the online class engaged children in making fruits popsicles, dressing them with their favourite chocolate syrup or honey. With the hands on experience, children not only experienced a sense of accomplishment, but they also loved eating fruits. They were also involved in a mind exercise where teachers asked simple riddles related to fruits. The smile and pride at the end of the activity was the fruit we   reaped for the day.


















My Favourite Fruit

Providing an environment for the little inquisitive minds through online classes to explore the world of fruits is a challenging task. However, teachers of preprimary classes created an environment where children not only learned about different types of common and uncommon fruits but also were encouraged to talk about their favourite fruit. This online activity on ‘My Favourite Fruit’ provided a platform to our little MBSians to gain confidence in speaking about what they like. Self expression is the key life skill, which any child can develop with proper guidance and healthy exposure. Children were also involved in making the fuits using clay during the class. The happiness of being appreciated by the teacher encouraged them to come up with innovative ideas of making their favourite fruit.


















Blue Colour Day Celebration

Blue is the ocean; Blue is the sky; Blue are the blueberries which we enjoy.

Life is an enjoyable journey and colours enhance the celebration. Hence, at MBS International School, children were involved in the celebration of life through the fascinating world of colour and this time the focus was on colour ‘Blue’. Children of preprimary classes were are excited & dressed up in the vibrant shade of blue.  An array of blue coloured objects like umbrella, ball, cloud, flowers etc. were shown in the online class, providing the students opportunities to have a clear sense of the colour and its importance. They were also involved in making a blue garden in their sketch book with finger printing and colouring. Through our child-centric approach which ensures that learning is always fun through play way methodologies.












Splish Splash Water Fun (Preschool & Preprimary)

Children love to play with water especially in summer season. However, during the pandemic time we are staying indoors with our energetic children. To channelize this energy in the right direction, we at MBS International School have come up with creative ways to have fun with water. Hence children of preprimary were engaged in an interesting activity ‘Splish Splash Water Fun’ to celebrate summer season. Children enjoyed the splish splash with coloured water and made a beautiful art work. The smiles, the fun & enjoyment was the highlight of this online class, even parents too were having fun and were taking turns with their child to do splish splash.


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